Sit and wait

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about how i hate sitting and waiting in a vehicle& why.

Submitted: November 30, 2006

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Submitted: November 30, 2006



sit and wait

All my life, I had

to sit and wait.

For a man.

I vowed,when i grew up,

i'd wait for no man.

So,why am i doing it again?

Sitting,waiting for a man.

Nothing ever changes,

not for the good,anyways.

Always, said my children

would never have to wait,

in a vehicle.

But, here we sit

in our van, waiting for a man.

They never change,

always like making people wait

for them.

Make  them feel special,

important maybe.

A real man,

wouldn't expect his family

to wait,would he?

Watching people,

come and go and yet

we still sit.

How slowly,time goes by

as we sit and wait.

The sky,

matches my mood

dark and gray.

Will a man, ever have a turn

at this waiting game,

he likes to play?

Maybe if he was, the one


would he like it so much?

I think not.

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