Hell at Christmas

Clean and shiny, ordered and new,

shops standing smartly in a never ending queue

of same and same and same and same,

brainwashed punters, searching for a dream,

gazing aimlessly around them, being pushed to spend

when they all want it to stop, they want it all to end.

Soulless shops with soulless staff

who barely smile and rarely laugh,

all waiting for the time that's best

to have a break with all the rest

of lifeless bodies standing there

by the tills and by the stairs.

All sizes there are catered for,

if you're 16 years to 24,

if you're slim and small,

tight and neat,

from the tip of your head to

the bottoms of your feet.

Identikit clothes for identikit kids,

who look no further than

their blinkered lids,

and blindly spend on what's expected of them,

they take all their money and

homeward bound send.

Submitted: December 26, 2009

© Copyright 2023 glennglenn1066. All rights reserved.

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