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A story I wrote. Deep and wide.

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012



If we knew God, we would worship Him in the beauty of His holiness. If we knew God, we would seek the Lord boldly to discover why it is that our houses are haunted. If we knew God, we would bask in the courage of His Peace, during His revelations to us for our own good. Who exactly are these ghosts, and why are they there?

If we truly knew God, we would desire to find out who it is that we have actually murdered through hatred. Symbolism; His mysterious tecnique to portray an inconspicuous truth; revealed to us in our dreams late into the night. He doth speak His instruction into the heart of man; even in the darkest of watches. Why were we so persistent in not getting caught for this grievious crime? Does the Lord not forgive the sins we choose to confess?

If we knew God, we would know it is He who searches the hearts and the minds. He does not skip over the places we hide. He knows them to the uttermost. If we knew God, we would realize that He is the Justifier of the innocent children. He does not sweep any of His masterpieces under the rug, never to be remembered again. He is not a respecter of persons. Although His handiwork has so naturally chosen to demonstrate otherwise. He sows what He reaps. And so do we.

Behold the story of Ruth. One is like Orpah, and I am like Naomi. We had suffered great trials and loss. Orpah kissed me, yes she did. Orpah loved me in her own way. After our losses, she parted. Back to her own land, back to her own gods. She chose to return to her people, to marry a new man, and to rebuild her life on earth. Her naturally selfish aspirations were fulfilled as her life choices brought forth fruit.

Naomi did not have the same options as Orpah, due to the cruelty of her unique circumstances. Naomi was forced to survive on her own, apart from the covering protection of parents, who were as dead, or a husband, who provides for the necessities of the wife he is responsible for. However, due to the ever Present help in trouble that is our Saviour, Christ the Lord; all was not lost.

Ruth clung to Naomi. She said, "I will not let you go. I will never leave you or forsake you. Where you go, I go. Where you lodge, there also will be my resting place. Let God do so to me, and more also, if anything but death part you and me." Jesus Christ is our Sustainer. He represents the reality of the example he made out of Ruth, unto every hermit soul.

Naomi wandered back unto her place. Ruth never left her side. Behold, every step she took, Ruth was with her all the way home. She returned unto her land. She was emptied of all produce. She had begun her journey full, blessed, and with a destiny bright and shining as the sun. She had returned empty, desolate, and cursed by those who curse. Life had dealt very harshly with her, and there was no redeemer. Naomi had no mother to comfort. Her father was as good as dead.

However, Orpah had gone on to a new life. She was not grateful for the investment that Naomi had made into her life. She did not realize that the benefits of Naomi's relationship to her were not merely in and of herself. Perhaps Orpah felt entitled to the blessing of Naomi's contributions to her. Perhaps she did realize this after Naomi was gone for good. One can only speculate.

Never fear, Naomi's Choice Redeemer was with her all the way. When she was hungry, Ruth fed her. When she was tired, Ruth made her bed. When Naomi wept with grief- Lo and behold; Ruth cried all night long with her. When Naomi was homeless, Ruth did not turn her away. Ruth took care of Naomi. Naomi was very blessed to have Ruth in her life.

The Lord then found it in His good pleasure to provide a son to sit upon the knees of Naomi. Therefore, she was known as the genetic seed of the Great King David. The maternal geneology of Christ Jesus, the Lord of all the earth. The Lord's mercy had no limitations. Who on earth can curse what God has blessed? And who would even dare?

The Lord had taken care of all the things necessary for Naomi's existence. He was her all in all. We all owe our entire lives to Him. Without the journey she had taken, without her foresaken nativity, without the undeserved curses she had endured, she was nothing. And I still am.

I have been crucified with Christ, but yet I live. Not I; but Christ who lives within me. To live is Christ, to die is gain. Perhaps one might choose to be grateful for every tribulation within the journey itself. Perhaps one can learn to forgive, and receive forgiveness. Perhaps.

One will say, "Laugh, While the striker doth strike you!" Yet, Jesus Christ Himself did not smile when the accuser struck His innocent face. He simply turned the other cheek. Go, and do likewise. Imitate Christ. A student does not surpass his teacher. But a student who is fully trained will be like his Master. This is true, no matter who the teacher is, wether good or evil.

Ruth. I have been forced to understand the bedrock of a "Ruth-less" world. To be ruthless, is to deny those things that Ruth selflessly provided, expecting no reward. To deny healing to the hurting.To deny that the Holocaust most certainly took place, is as cruel as the homocidal maniacs who perpertrated the event. To deny the reality of the events that took place, is to deny the reality of the trauma that was caused by the events. This is classified in Heaven as a very wicked deed that is not acceptable to YHVH. And it never will be.

To be ruthless, one does practice deceit. To cause others not to realize the atrocious blueprint we have secretly decided. But if you knew God, you would know He knows how many times you secretly cursed in your heart. Your curses were effective. Yet His Word declares the truth in the matter. "An undeserved curse will not stand". Who is she who pronounceth a curse, but a Witch and a Warlock? And she who curses, shall she not wear the fitting shoe?

Therefore, all lies be damned. In the Holy Name of Christ Jesus, Let the captives go free. Whom the Son hath set free, is free indeed. I Am has spoken. I am the Justifier. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. YHVH never slumbers, He never sleeps. Be not deceived brethren, that which a man soweth, that he shall also reap. It is an irrevocable clause that is established by God Most High. And who would dare renounce His Word? Behold, it returneth not to Him void. All these things shall be. Even so Lord Jesus, Amen.
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