The Big Bad Comcast: Round 1

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This is a complaint I just filed with the Better Business Bureau regarding my cable and wireless provider. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Submitted: October 12, 2012



I have been a comcast client for almost two years. Comcast has failed to live up to advertising claims many times. I am filing this complaint today on behalf of the harassment and fraudulent billing practices that my family has endured for at least six weeks this last time.

This company must be rebuked, disciplined to the highest degree allowable by the law, and reprimanded. I know that I am not alone; many countless clients are also being mistreated and oppressed by this "Super-giant" company that obviously has lost sight of the fundamental purpose of their business....the Customer. The little person who they rely on to pay their bills and decorate their homes. My complaint is as follows:

Comcast laid my original land line on my brand new property. My property did not ever contain a cable/telephone line previously. A Comcast technician came and dug the line. HE DID NOT BURY IT. My husband is a Journeyman Electrician. He is very familiar with digging trenches for his electrical lines to a home's transformer. What the technician did is WRONG, and UNSAFE. Ultimately, a Comcast agent came by our home and accused us of "Stealing Cable".

He cut our cable line with electric shears FOUR TIMES, Leaving us with no home telephone, internet, or television. I had to take time out away from caring for my VERY IMPORTANT family day and work day, spend hours on the phone each time, to arrange for another technician to come correct the mistakes that Comcast has previously made.

Frustrated? I forgave. I had mercy. I was patient. They did come, when it was convenient for them. Instead of bury the line, and prevent this from occurring in the future, they decided to take the lazy way again. This was repeated FOUR TIMES! What is up? Ask them. Unwise? I am forced to agree.

My own husband, was forced to fix it himself (at the suggestion of Comcast CSR's) and we paid $128.18 to Home Depot for parts. I have the record of this charge IN MY POSESSION on my bank statement electronically and printed. Comcast did not reimburse us for these parts or labor. Their reply was "If you think your home has been vandalized by our techs. call Better Business Bureau". Hmmmm.

With the services now restored, I was weary from the harassment of the relationship that I had encountered with Comcast. I was tired of calling. I decided to leave well enough alone this time. What can the typical little person do? Call again and have someone completely different not look at all of the notations of your account and you have to recount the whole pathetic scenario (which takes too dang long lol) again and again...just for the agent to invariably become defensive or play ignorant? I decided to remain patient ONCE MORE.

I have returned faulty cable and internet boxes to the Comcast office in my area FIVE TIMES. The boxes would not, when correctly assembled and plugged into corresponding ports, WORK. Just like Comcast? I agree my friend. But for us little people, anyhow, when we don't work....WE DON'T EAT. Comcast seems to think that different laws apply to them, because actions speak louder than words. Much louder. So loud, a deaf person could hear.

I have been forced to call and go through the rat maze of Comcast's automated system many times regarding the failures of this "Too big to fail" company (CSR's own words to me when I inquired about when the services that I had already paid my hard-earned cold-hard cash for would be provided to my family) to have Comcast CSR's assure me that my problems have been taken care of; filling my families hearts with FALSE HOPE. This is what it has been proven to be each and every time.

If I or my husband...mere "little people" in the eyes of Comcast no doubt (by the way they treat their "Most Valuable Customers") would have EVER treated our clients in this manner ONCE, our clients would have surely taken their happy butts to another who DESERVED the business. Not to mention how many grievances have been caused by this unrepentant cheater of a business.

Unfortunately for my family and countless others who have Comcast providing (or not providing, unjustly getting paid to provide) services to them, WE ARE WITHOUT MANY OPTIONS. There is At&t of course, which is not any better than Comcast generally. I would almost describe this situation as an evolved Monopoly. Almost, if I had the right to say Monopoly and Comcast in the same sentence. Well, there you have it.

Within the last six weeks, I have been harassed by Comcast for errors they made regarding my monthly bill. They have unjustly charged me several times for my services being interrupted FOR WEEKS. My family had No Internet or Television, WHILE WE PAID OUR BILL. NO CREDIT FOR OUR LOSS HAS BEEN ISSUED.

Instead, we have been charged for having their technicians come out and FIX the problem, which was NEVER fixed! I would actually rather to pay a STRANGER to slap me across the face at this point. The money would at least be going to someone who could use it and was willing to fulfill an agreement between the both of us. Unlike Comcast.

As I stated earlier, Comcast is the initial provider company that laid the original line NOT TWO YEARS AGO. Why was I charged by Comcast to repair said line? IT WAS IN NO WAY MY POOR FAMILIES FAULT. They admitted this over the telephone FOUR TIMES.

Why has this never been corrected? I am exhausted with trying to resolve this problem with Comcast. They have pushed the limits of my poor families tolerance and I am no longer able to be patient while they OPPRESS THE LITTLE MAN; THE LITTLE WOMAN, THE LITTLE CHILDREN whom they have no problem harassing with fraudulently inflated false amounts on customers' bills. Collection calls that keep coming, AFTER MY BILL HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL EARLY.

Why is Comcast allowed to conduct business in this manner and get away with it? No one else would dare do this. I don't, my husband doesn't; No one that I personally know would dare act in this brazen manner. Why Comcast? Just because you can oppress the people you prey upon and take "your" money from? Not good enough. The next step for my family if this grievance is not resolved is LEGAL ACTION against this business.

IF JUSTICE IS NOT ACHIEVED, Comcast has left me with NO OTHER CHOICE. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your understanding with these most sinister events that have been perpetrated against the common man too many times now.

Yours truly, The Bustamante Family

Desired Outcome:

Comcast to go out of business, to stop oppressing clients. If I'm going to stay with Comcast, I would have to be plum crazy or desperate. I am neither.

Complaint Background/ No previous complains filed

Glinda Bustamante


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