To Laodicea: The Judgement Draweth Nigh

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This is a dream that I had in November 2010. I recorded it and made it into a piece. It is an allegory that portrays inconspicuous truths within the internal dialogue that so relentlessly haunts us. Hope you enjoy it. Deep and wide.

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Behold a mystery:


A girl of eight was living on earth and was killed. She descended down to the unseen realm of Hades to await judgment. For twenty years she was in a prison cell, guarded by two fake Jesus'.

One was named "Aba", the other named "Ama". They would take off their fake Jesus masks and torture her, accuse her and condemn her. She lived in misery awaiting a trial.

Though twenty years had passed, the girl remained eight years old. At the end of twenty years, Aba and Ama transported her to her trial, which was also located in the unseen realm.

The court was seated as The Judge, adorned as a med-evil executioner (face covered with a fierce black mask) entered the court and was seated.

The two prosecutors began making their case against the child.

Ama was the primary prosecutor. She proudly declared,

"This child has been a seductress since the day that she was born. She came forth naked from her birth and nativity. As a babe, she was shameless. The evidence against her is obvious. Read the Word. It says clearly what should be the penalty for such crimes. She deserves to be stoned to death! I have with me here the first stone. I beseech you, Holy Judge, to allow me to cast the first stone at this disgusting human being. I will honor You in my heart by doing thus."

The girl was terrified. Countless accusations were brought against the girl as the jury stood by indignant. The girl had no defender. She hung her head in shame over all that she had been accused of. There was no escaping this punishment. There was no hope.

At the very end of the trial the Executioner was handed the verdict, as the girl hung her head in utter self-hate. She had been made lethargic by the words that had been spoken so vehemently by the prosecutors.

The Executioner then removed His face covering, revealing His true identity; It was Christ Jesus the Lord! His face shone like the Sun and a Sharp two-edged sword went forth from His mouth.

The girl was amazed and bewildered to see that the REAL Christ Jesus was nothing at all like the fake Jesus' that had condemned her with no hope of escape- Aba and Ama! They had bamboozled the jury thus far, but could they succeed in pulling the wool over the eyes of the Judge? She would find out shortly.

She assumed no mercy from the Judge. She did not know what the verdict would be rendered by Him. She waited patiently for the announcement. It could be expected that the prosecutors were absolutely right; the evidence that they had presented was quite convincing indeed.

There was the picture of the baby girl, she was indeed naked when she came forth. There was none to deliver her from her shame. No one to clothe her nakedness. She had been brain-washed into believing that it was her own fault. She was inclined to believe it.

The girl was glad that Aba and Ama were merely the accusers, and were not granted the title of the Superior Judge of the Supreme Court. She knew in her soul that the Judge would hold the final account in His hand. His Word was the ultimate judgment that would either condemn or justify the girl's existence. It was all in His hands from this very moment on.

He began with a scripture, "Every tongue that rises up in judgment against you, you shall condemn. Will you condemn the innocent, that you would be declared righteous?"

Aba and Ama rejoiced and snickered at the girl. They assumed that the Judge was certainly in agreement with their decree over the girl's life. They were filled with glee at the notion that the girl would be sentenced for the crimes that they had outlined so precisely before the public trial. They lifted up their hands and high-fived each other in victory. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, the Judge began to speak once more.

"Behold: Hypocrites! Brood of Vipers!"

His words were Sharp and Commanding. The true Judge then walked over to the stage where the prosecutors had made their accusations strong. He then removed Aba and Ama's fake Jesus masks to reveal.... Dead Rotting Corpses!

The jury sat astonished at the new and mysterious findings. No one would have ever guessed, that such beautiful outsides had been hiding such hideous inward places. White-washed tombs indeed. There was no denying the truth in This Court.

He then walked back to His rightful place at the Head of the courtroom. The Judge was a wise Man indeed. He could see through the fake Jesus masks the entire time. The whole twenty eight years of the girl's misery, He had watched and waited for this very trial; though the jury and the girl had been ignorant of the truth regarding the accusers.

The accusers had been so confident in their own self-righteousness. How could they have possibly been liars all along?

How did everyone, including the girl, fail to know the horror of the truth?

"You could not handle the truth", a Voice resounded as a Trump, reminding the witnesses.

If they could have handled the truth, they would have proven it by their acceptance of it, even as it was unfolding so obviously before their very eyes. They had indeed proven, with their denial, that they could not handle.....the Truth. On the contrary, they all chose to deny it. But it did not cancel out the facts. Denial does not contain the power to.

They had appeared just like what they thought Christ had looked like. The masks were very convincing. They had dotted every "I" and had surely crossed every "T". It just did not seem possible that the girl had been innocent of this horror.

The girl, with no defender to save her, or to make her case, was silent.

She must have been guilty! The obvious is simply that, obvious to the naked eye. By the looks of her pathetic defense, why didn't she accuse back? That is what any twenty eight year old woman would do. That is how the circumstance manifested itself to the eyes of the beholders. It just couldn't make sense to the witnesses.

This was no bother to the Judge. He knew that He had the final Word; the Word that would bring freedom and Justice to the hidden concealment of this significant life and death matter.

He then read Aba and Ama their rights. They no longer had any. He charged them with the crimes that they were accusing the girl of, and acquitted the child of all sin! The courtroom was shocked; and so was the girl. What a swirling turn of events indeed! Surprise ending, the witnesses collectively decided.

The eight year old was so grateful to the Judge, and peace finally came into her heart. The Judge then walked over to the girl, and removed her chains of bondage with which she had been chained in darkness for all of the twenty years of abuse and trauma, all of her years of false condemnation that was caused by Ama and Aba. He then lifted her above the accusers, and carried her all of the days of the remainder of her journey upon the earth, like a little lamb upon the shoulders of a loving Shepherd. She was His. She had been all along.

Aba and Ama were thrown into the lake of fire, with an eternal sentence for their deeds done in the earth. This Judge was not just putting on the Ritz. This was a serious matter to Him. He alone had held the Sword of the Spirit, and wielded it masterfully before the witnesses. He was the Supreme Master indeed.

The girl was then granted total freedom to live with Jesus Christ forever and ever. Her every tear was wiped away by Him, and no pain was ever felt again from the years of unjust imprisonment or the death.

So shall we be saved from our enemies.

Behold, He maketh all things new. And that includes you. Allow Him into your heart and life today. Acknowledge the Lord in all of your ways, and He will direct your paths. The time draweth nigh beloved, He is the Eternal Judge. Casteth your burdens upon Him, For He cares for you.

No secret thing will remain hidden. What you have whispered in the ear within the confines of your innermost chambers, will be shouted from the rooftops, Magnified; indeed. He is willing and able to justify you before the Court on Judgment Day. You must choose to follow Him today, before the court is seated in the honor of your name. Only those Names written within the Book of Life will be accepted into the Gates of the Most Holy.

You will most certainly be judged by the deeds that were committed while you were here on Earth in your own created body; lent to you to Give Him Glory while you walketh upon this strange land. Have you done so? Ask yourself, right this moment. Do not delay. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. This is a guarantee. Not a worthless promise of humanity's failure.

This is the Living God, this is the Holiest of Holies. Will you not prostrate yourself before your Maker, while still living? Every knee will bow, and Every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Beloved, let Him be your only Defender when your name is called for your date with death and your judgment day most certainly arrives. Do Not attempt to enter this judgment with your own defense team filled with "good works" and carefully constructed righteousness systems.

Religion will never save you on that coming Day. He does not care at all if you tell other people that you are a devout catholic. He does not care to hear about all of the charity that you have worked. It will be thrown the HELL out of court. That type of evidence is not acceptable criteria for acquittal.

Only One thing, One Simple Thing, will be acceptable. You know what it is. You have heard the Good News. You have chosen to ignore it. To Defy it. To shake your angry fists at God Most High. He has seen your every rebellion. He knows the very depth of the wickedness of the bottomless pit of a man's heart. He created man, after all. Every single man. He created you, beloved. Believe it or not, Ripley.

The Day is fast approaching. You have enough time today to care about your eternal destiny. Do not let this day pass without acknowledging your sin before Him. He is the only One Who forgives. An account will be brought before the Righteous Judge. There will be no lies from your mouth.

The truth may slap you in the face, rebuking your sinful life. Have you ever sinned? I have. We all have.Whether or not you choose to man up and admit it, is your own damn fault. No one else’s. No one.

Do not say to Him,

"I have committed no crimes, Look at the others, go after them. They are far worse than I. They have slain the righteous with bullets of steel, I have only lied a few times. I have only stolen a little bit from my taxes, I have only went on one date behind my spouses back. No one knows my little bitty sins. And no one ever will."

The gates of Hell will prevail against you if you choose such a broad road. There is no sin that His precious blood is not able to atone for. Big or small, He heals them all. Confess your sins to Him, repent, and follow Christ. After His Second Coming, it will be too mother-ducking late. You will be at the mercy of the Jury, and they already know your every moment since birth.

Confess now, before your sentence is issued and you have no words worthy to protect your own eternal destiny. You will have no Defender if you remain silent before His Holiness this Day. Tomorrow may never reach you. Tomorrow has always been a distant promise that you have assured yourself of falsely. If you truly care to be secure, I adjure you, Dear children: Come to Him.

He is Merciful indeed. Do not allow anyone the right to cheat you out of a wonderful future in Eternal Life. Your debt has been paid. Take this free gift, called "Life", "Freedom", and "Forgiveness". Your innocence will be restored to your broken soul. Once guiltlessness has been returned to your own possession, it will not be able to be killed, stolen, or destroyed by your enemy.

You will become invincible, clothed from the sole of your foot to the crown of your head with His righteousness. This is your only hope of survival. The only hope that exists. It is a wonderful hope indeed, Beloved. Believe me. More than that, BELIEVE HIM!

The Ama and Aba in your own life are deceivers; they are constant accusers in your mind. They are self-righteous. We all know that self-righteousness is as filthy rags before His Holiness, in Whose Presence we shall each stand alone to receive our own judgements that we deserve for the sin that we have committed in this life.

Your Judgment is Rapidly approaching. There is no creature or being that will be able to hold back Death and Justice. No, not one. I have never ever heard of a singular case of a creature upon the earth that did not pass through life into the natural conclusion of death. I never will. And neither will you. It is impossible.

Immortality is IMPOSSIBLE by earthly means. If you are alive today and reading this, you will die someday. I AM happy to burst your "Invincibility: Shield of Ignorance". Do not choose to be ignorant of the TRUTH, Beloved. It is true, regardless of your foolish belief choices. They are only powerful while you continue to draw forth the breath that was created for you to live by your Creator.

Every Knee Will Bow, And Every Tongue Shall Confess, That Jesus Christ Is Lord. I would like to be kneeling right next to Bill Maher on that Day. I think I will be, God-willing.

Beloved, accept His Precious Atonement of selfless past shed-blood as the sacrifice necessary to cover your every rag of filth that you are carrying with you. We have been granted freely to be the Righteousness of God in Christ. Let the Anointed Living Messiah, who loves you unconditionally until We meet again, into your heart and life today; Dear children. You are His beloved. The choice is yours.

Consider yourself served, o Laodicea! I have vomited you out of my mouth, EVEN I, YOUR SAVIOR.

All these things shall be. In the Holy Name of Christ Jesus the Lord, even so, Lord Jesus, True and Righteous are Your Judgments. So be it! I Am has spoken. I am the Justifier, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All those who come to me will not be put to shame. All those who do not, will certainly be put to shame on that CLOSE APPROACHING DAY. Amen.

Blessed be the Holy Name of the Lord, Christ Jesus! Bless the Lord o my soul, and all that is within me! Praise Him, oh created beings! Praise Him, o you, His rocks and trees! Praise Him, all ocean creatures! Praise Him, oh creeping things upon the earth! To Him alone belongeth All created things. And that most certainly includes you.

Who are you, o works of His hands, to say to Him,

"You have not made me. I have come forth by other means that had nothing to do with your Higher Power?"

Shall a plastic Barbie doll, while basking in her house that you have bought for her, begin to mock you?

"I made this home. I deserve it because I have worked so hard to earn it. I am a brilliant creature and I shall be recognized by others as such. I am not a plastic Barbie. How ridiculous a notion! I created myself. I came from a stuffed monkey only. No one has ever designed me. I answer to myself alone. I am higher than the Most High God, my Owner. He does not exist, because I cannot see Him with my eyes. He is not, but I am."

Who the hell is that Barbie? How dare that ungrateful, retarded toy! Delusional?! Ya think?!

Do Not be like the foolish Barbies of this earth, who melt and are no more when thrown into a burning, roaring bon Fire. Be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove, Beloved. Do Not be like a plastic idiot Barbie doll. Realize what you are most certainly doing, and realize it now; before it is too late.

Today, He hath set before your face, both LIFE and DEATH. If you repenteth not from your ignorance and sin, beloved, You will be burned within His All-Consuming Fire. This is a guarantee.

It is not funny. It is not a silly fable. Behold, your future is your own damn choice. You will have no one left to curse but your own self. After your death, there are no second chances.

Once you have been locked below in HELL forever and ever in your rightful prison beneath the earth's crust, where every damned soul is tormented, there will be NO HOPE for you. There is hope while you still draw the breath that He has graciously provided for you. Choose life. Or choose death. The choice is most certainly yours to make alone. No one will be there to accuse Your Creator on that Day. You will be utterly alone. There is One Defender. His Name is Christ the Lord.

The ball is now in your court. We are all here watching and waiting in the unseen realm. Your deeds and thoughts are all recorded. You will not escape Death. Face it now. Get your house in order before it is ordered for you in the fast approaching Judgment. Fall to your knees that He made for you to bow to Him, Confess the filthiness of your past. He will forgive. He will clothe you with His Presence. This is your only hope. It is HOPE indeed. Believe me.

More than that; BELIEVE HIM. Consider yourself served. Amen.

The Voice of One crying in the wilderness, "Maketh straight the pathways of the Lord Most High, For His Second Coming Draweth Nigh".

“And your sons, and your daughters, WILL PROPHESY.”

Will you reject the Judgment of the Lord, while living, and expect to be blessed? I think not. More than that, HE THINKETH NOT. Stand corrected, O foolish ones, For I AM is the Corrector. I Am the Beginning and the End, the A and the Z.

Yours Truly,

Glinda Bustamante

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