Another Mushy Love Story

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just a normal spring day turns very thrilling, sweet unexpected afternoon, simply romantic for Cindy!

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



Another Mushy Love Story



Before noon on a breezy, sunny ninth of April, nursing student Cindy Hailun is working at the coffee shop. After washing the floor, loading the dishwasher, Cindy is now on her computer. She enjoys chatting with Aunt Noreen who has three paintings presently displayed at the new art exhibit in Thornton Bridge. Cindy is happy for Aunt Noreen. Often, Cindy will do a little painting, she has almost finished one called, Moonlight Kiss. She had painted a lovely dark picture with a couple standing close, ready to kiss in the moonlight. The couple is, Cindy and Ken Mainer who is only a dream sweetheart. It’s true, Cindy is quietly, madly in love with him. They are in the same Biology, Psychology class at college and Cindy will never forget that awesome cold morning in February. It was when she had slipped on a snowy patch of ice close by the library. Wonderful Ken was there at the moment, he quickly ran to help. He warmly gazed with deep, sincere eyes and Cindy felt so comfy in his arms. Startled Cindy liked this awkward moment. She repeated.

"Oh, how nice to see you, very nice!" Ken eagerly helped to take her to the nearby college clinic. There wasn’t any serious concern but a huge bruise on Cindy’s lower back. That day before going to work at the pub, Ken had given Cindy the cutest little teddy bear key chain. Cindy warmly loves this, she calls it Teddy Snookums. It truly was sunny days although crazy exam time. The end of March, something terrible happened, Ken’s dad Russel was in a bad car accident. He was seriously injured, Ken immediately left to his hometown, Thornton Bridge. It’s near two weeks, Cindy helps by taking class notes for Ken. Now, she thinks of him while reaching for her jacket, she holds the teddy bear key chain. Suddenly, Cindy’s friend Lyn rushes in the quiet, coffee shop.

"Cindy, great news! I have a journalism assignment to report the art exhibit in Thornton Bridge! Let’s go, we need a break from college." Cindy glances at her Biology notes. She likes hearing, Thornton Bridge.

"Lyn, that sounds cool, my aunt’s paintings are shown but I’m working this evening at the shoe store. Well, I could get Alison to take my shift, I’ll call! Ok, my first adventure to Thornton Bridge."

"Maybe you will run into cute boyfriend Ken. You never know!" Cindy blushes, she slaps Lyn’s arm. Cindy now thinks of last night’s dream, she and Ken shared popcorn, movie at her basement apartment.

Afterwards, Lyn and Cindy contentedly enjoy the drive. They have snacks, happy music for the hour and a half ride. Lyn anxiously stops at a fruits stand, they like grapes, apples. Later, Cindy sees something at the bottom of the bag, it’s an emerald gold button. Cindy thinks of this as a charming good luck piece. She used the twist tie to connect it with the teddy bear chain. For that moment, Cindy felt tingled as if a shower of confetti fell softly on her head. She smiles as she makes a heartfelt wish to see Ken today. It's a warm, satisfying thought.

When the girls finally arrive in Thornton Bridge art exhibit, they

notice an ambulance parked close to the building. Lyn became very curious to find out more information. It seems an elderly lady fainted while hanging a painting. Lyn grabs a notebook pad, she is overly eager to ask questions. While taking off her jacket in the lobby, Cindy can’t wait to see Aunt Noreen’s scenery paintings. She soon admires. What was surprising later, Ken happened to be in the building. He helped with his mother’s artwork. In the lobby, he picks file cards for painting titles. He now eyes Cindy’s green jacket, teddy bear key chain, Teddy Snookums. He pleasantly smiles. What comes to mind is a grand surprise. Moments later, a voice on the speaker is clearly heard. "Will Cindy Hailun, please come to the entrance lobby, Cindy Hailun, come to the entrance lobby." Naturally, Cindy is nervous, she hasn’t a clue of what’s going on. Standing, waiting is sneaky Ken. Cindy now sees him, she shouts.

"My heavens, this is a huge surprise! What are you doing here, how’s your dad?" Ken laughs, he then gets close to hug. She is floating on cloud nine. The best word that can describe this is, spectacular.

"Just seeing your face now is a sweet gift. Let’s go downstairs, we can talk. There’s coffee, cinnamon rolls. Ah, Dad is coming along, not in intensive care unit, good sign. I’ve been spending time with my sister Denise too. Great seeing you again, Cindy. You are a breath of fresh air, sunshine glitter, coloured confetti!" Now, Cindy deeply sighs.

"Ken, are you’re ok? You sound like a poet." Cindy is all smiles.

"Oh, I have been praying for my dad, I am so grateful that he will make it. You see, I used this cute book marker, you had recently given me at class, a picture of a sunny day on the farm . It was in my shirt pocket, I love these words, Hold on to something wonderful, something wonderful will thank you forever. So, you must come for dinner later on, my mom is making delicious roast pork. Say yes!" Ken turns to gently rub her arm. Starry eyed Cindy surely loves this amazing moment, that special book marker, an invitation. She is numb happy, what a glorious day here at the art exhibit. Now, someone sees Ken, family friend, they chat shortly. At the same time, Lyn heads towards Cindy. Lyn soon notices Ken.

"Hey! This is awesome, my hunch was right! When I heard your name announced, I was wondering. Ah, you’re going to hate me when I tell you this but we won’t be going back home for awhile. I have locked the keys in the car, sorry." There’s a brief pause. All Cindy could do is burst out laughing. Lyn is shocked. Now, Cindy happily thinks of that precious emerald lucky button. It seems Cindy is so happy, nothing can change this sparkling mood. She turns to Lyn.

"That’s ok, I love it! Just perfect, I can have my cake and eat it too!" Lyn looks very puzzled, she stares.

"Cake? You are silly! Oh, this is another mushy love story."


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