Cara and Ken, Part Four, Surprises Along the Way

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Love continues to grow, warm special events during winter.

Submitted: March 08, 2011

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Submitted: March 08, 2011



Cara and Ken, Part Four

Surprises Along the Way



Today, beautiful but a cold twenty seventh of February, pharmacist Cara Marsh is off, she is eager to clean out the hall closet. At noon, Cara will see her cousin, Raelene Thomas who is recently engaged to Paul. Thrilled Raelene can’t wait to show her ring, a new excitement. Cara often thinks of her own June engagement, August sixth wedding to loving Ken. Everyday is sparkling, the brightest sunshine for the happy newlyweds. Cara and Ken surely enjoy the heartwarming video of the couple’s first Christmas. Since they met in January, this was a very special Christmas to cherish. The fun, romantic time they had at the ski winter resort, Sherbrooke Valley will always be their favourite place. On the mantlepiece, Cara has pictures, a lovely collection of girl statues, card verses, season bunny trinkets to remind her of Ken’s precious love. Now, the phone rings, Cara naturally thinks it’s Raelene but the voice is Reverend Dillon who had performed their wedding ceremony. Cara is quite surprised.

"Oh, hello Reverend, how nice to hear from you! How are things at the church?" Cara sits down near the warm fireplace.

"Hello Cara, things are going well, especially with the March eighth bake sale. Ah Cara, I have a big favour to ask. My sister, Gwen is moving into a house on Maple Street. She is busy with evening work at the mall, packing and rehearsing for the April play, Molly’s Motel. Gwen’s daughter, four years old Samantha needs an evening babysitter, one of the sitter hurt her leg off a weightlifting bar, the other works at a bar. So, could you mind Sam, three nights a week?" Cara likes that he called her.

"Oh, I would love it, I adore kids! Sure, Ken and I will be happy to watch her, a good experience when we have our own children!" While gazing at her cat, Frolic next to Ken’s scarf, Cara can’t wait to tell him about it. Reverend Dillon is glad she said yes. Cara now scribbles on a nearby notebook. She enjoys this nice surprise, she often minds her friend, pharmacist Sandy’s young boy, Nathan on Fridays. Now, there’s neighbour Joyce at the door. She has wallpaper samples for remodelling Cara’s hallway. It seems that Cara won’t be cleaning out the closet this morning. She cheerfully greets Joyce, it’s time for tea and a chat.

Later, once Joyce left, Cara has a call from Raelene. She invites Cara to lunch at Smiley’s, a new restaurant. Cara will wear something pretty. By the car keys, there’s a photo of Dad holding baby Cara. She sighs while saying goodbye to Frolic.

Afterwards at twelve thirty, Ken arrives home. He has to change, a plumber can easily get sprayed at work. He has an extra pair of pants in the truck but no shirt. While heading into the bedroom, Ken laughs at the cute poster, a gorilla eating cake. Cara had picked it for his February ninth birthday. His mind is on Cara, he thinks she is shopping with Raelene. Now, Ken notices his favourite cup on the coffee table. Near the wallpaper book, he sees Cara’s writing on a notepad. He is soon baffled at, house Maple St. packing watch Sam motel leg bar three nights. He can’t understand this weird message as he wonders who is Sam, alarming picture in his mind. He now hears the doorbell, his sister Violet is holding a lasagna pan. Violet loves the winter.

"Hi brother, great day! Thank Cara for this, came in handy! Ah, you look worried, did you break something?" Ken grins.

"I didn’t break anything. Well, I just read this note, so odd." Violet places the pan on a lamp table and she looks at the note.

"Yes, it sounds odd but it’s scribbling, not a real sentence. Whatever you’re thinking, stop it because you guys are cute newlyweds, so much in love that it pours out! Tell Cara, I’ll be making my banana loaf for the church bake sale." Violet pats Frolic, she turns to punch Ken’s arm. He contentedly laughs.

"Not your dry, boring banana loaf!" He jokes, she punches again. Ken crumples the note, he knows their marriage is solid.

Now, at the restaurant, Cara and Raelene enjoy this warm celebration. Raelene’s ring is perfect as the love for Paul Huntly, they both work for the newspaper. Their wedding will be in June. Cara is thrilled, thinking of six great months married. When Cara now leaves for the washroom, she shockingly notices an elderly man who is about to take pills with a glass of wine. She is bold.

"Oh, gosh! You should never take medication with wine, bad side affects!" The man is totally startled, he deeply stares.

"What medication! These are just mint candies from my granddaughter and the drink is simply cranberry juice!" Cara is so embarrassed, she wants to hide. This is extremely awkward.

"I’m so sorry, being a pharmacist, my mind had a quick reaction. Sorry, truly I am!" He nods with a grin. Later on, the kind man had graciously paid for Cara and Raelene’s meal. He pleasantly told the waiter that Cara is thoughtful, warm hearted.

That evening at the dinner table, Cara tells of Rev. Dillon, Samantha, wallpaper decor and a generous man at the restaurant. Ken didn’t mention the note, he just tenderly holds Cara’s hand.

On a snowy March nineteenth, Cara has a special party for Raelene and Paul. Cara’s mom, Hilary helps in the kitchen.

"This is so lovely, you have a big heart Cara and precious Samantha is definitely in good hands!" Hilary taps Cara’s arm.

"That’s sweet, I enjoy looking after kids, Sam is a delight!"

The nicest part of the evening is when Ken makes a toast to the engaged couple, also kind, wonderful Cara. Now, proud Ken gives her a silver wrapped gift. Cara is truly surprised as she opens up the box. It’s a charming clock for the mantlepiece. On the side, the engraving says, Cara, time spent with you is lovingly special! All my love, Ken. Cara shows the happiness, a few tears of joy. Adorable Samantha now nudges Cara.

"I think it’s that time for yummy cake! Can I help cut it?" Everyone chuckles, love surrounds the party, a good way to beat snowy winter blues. Cara continued to mind Samantha until late April. Raelene is thankful for Cara to help with her wedding.

At their one year, three months anniversary in November, Cara has a doctor’s appointment. She joyously found out that she is expecting a baby, the last week of July. This, a most beautiful, exciting time for Cara and Ken has happily started a new chapter in their life. It’s mainly about love, family times, togetherness and finding another place to show off special keepsakes.


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