Darkest Daze

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Something I had to write about, my depression started early.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Darkest Daze

High school in the seventies wasn't special at all

Just lonesome, scared and one lost feeling, I recall

There was no fun, laughter or any winning goal

I was in a daze, trudging along with a frozen soul

What is this stiff, dreary place, I certainly don't belong

Is it a prison, did I do something terribly wrong?

All through the classes, giddy girls tell what's new

Safe in the washroom, I felt alone, never had a clue

The teachers seem to always grin, that frightened look

I can't understand Shakespear, how I hate this book!!

Yes, high school wasn't special, I wanted to be free

Those darkest daze were scary, I was not a happy me

High school in my mind, cold dark place, no one should find

Everyone is different, some can see that rainbow, but others, there is no colour for the lowest low.

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