December Sparkle

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Because of Christmas, Christy finds special happiness!

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



December Sparkle


Sorry, this is all messed up, I will fix it very soon Me and my bright ideas, sorry!!!!! Don't read this 

together until that cold day on September tenth when Alex mentioned he was leaving town,he wanted to get his pilot licef their relationship. Mega felt this deep sadness, she kept working long hours, days and nights.  Denise soon noticed that she seemed always down. So, Denise decided to have a fun Halloween costume party at her new apartment. This is when Megan, Little Bo Beep met Spiderman,  Ryan Patterson who has a terrific sense of humor. Megan surely needed some of his craziness.good friend, Mrs. Kelly’s Bakery Shop. Christy’s mother, Laura can actually walk to work, she is a pharmacist at the local drug store. To Christy, this busy November is too sad, things are very different. Now, Laura watches as Christy slowly wraps a pretty vase. Laura sees a long face, no sparkle at all.

"Christy, I bet you can’t wait for your birthday soon, the family together at Jake’s, you love all the games, mini putt! I think you’ll beat Grandpa for sure!" Christy thinks of her December tenth birthday, she shows sad puppy dog eyes.

"Yes, that’s nice, we’re not sure if all the family could come, Nanna Helen might go with the church group to that new, gigantic store, Twinkles. There’s too many changes going on!" Christy sighs, she now hears best friend, Megan who excitingly enters a hallway of boxes. She is beaming.

"Christy, I came as soon as I heard! We will still be in the same Sunflower Pack on Tuesday evenings! You don’t have to join Mrs.Doyle’s group, it’s great!" Christy shouts.

"Wow, perfect! I was nervous about a new pack, you

just made my moment! You’re coming to my party, right?"

"Wouldn’t miss it! Hey, let’s go to my house. Mom is making brownies. I have new posters!" Christy faces Laura.

"Go ahead sweetie! I’ll call Grandpa for more boxes." Laura knows that Christy will be fine once they are settled.

Later that afternoon, Laura is at the post office, she gives her new address. Now, she sees neighbour Diane Wilson.

"Laura, hi! I have the enlarged picture, close neighbours at your Dad’s birthday party in July. I bought a sparkled frame. Oh, cherish the memories and visit often!" Laura is touched, she’ll never forget lovable neighbours, fun times.

Once Laura and Christy moved in, arranged furniture in their new place, they enjoy this quiet, cozy apartment. Time surely flies, it’s beautiful December. Now, Laura is happily checking Christmas lights as Christy decorates. In the outer hall, Christy hangs a glittery wreath on the door. Surprisingly, she sees her teacher, Miss. Fennel next to a stack of boxes.

"Miss. Fennel! Are you moving into this building? Cool thing!" Miss Fennel notices, she gets close to their door.

"Well hi Christy, big surprise! I’m helping my brother Tom move. He’ll be here soon, he had a flat tire. Oh, your names on a cute snowflake, so festive!" She looks at a door sign. Christy sighs, she warmly enjoys delightful Christmas.

"I love to decorate, I help Dad, Nanna." Laura is near.

"Oh, Mom, this is my teacher, Miss Fennel and her brother is moving in. This is Mom, Laura." They now greet.

"Laura, so nice to meet you! It’s Violet. Your daughter is doing excellent, an artist too, I love that sledding picture!"

"How sweet! Christy inherited it from her dad. Come in, I just made tea." Violet calls Tom, she enters their place.

"Charming, precious stars, bells!" Christy is content, Laura glances at the special picture Diane gave. Violet now turns to an adorable Santa ornament by a ceramic tree. Shortly, she sees Tom with bakery goodies. He smiles as he calmly places the glazed donuts, cupcakes, lemon pie on the coffee table. Laura is surprised.

"Holiday look! Hey sis. Hello, I’m your new neighbour, Tom Fennel. So cold this evening, my cheeks must be red. It’s best known as December Sparkle, wonderful time!" Laura, Christy notice handsome Tom. They now shake hands.

"Nice glow! My name is Laura Hayes, my daughter, Christy. We moved here November, we love it!" He nods.

"Laura Hayes, that’s familiar. Yes, you’re on St. Paul’s Basketball team, I saw the name listed at the centre. Well, I work in the office at, Twinkles Department Store and I coach the girls new team, Terminators. Small world! And Christy, how old are you, I have an elf’s costume, your size. Would you be interested to visit hospital children on the weekend?" Laura is all smiles. Christy likes this news, she is excited.

"Yes! I’ll be ten next week.Wow, this is great! I’ll be getting a badge from my Sunflowers pack. Mom, how awesome!" Laura is so glad to see a very thrilled Christy. This is good changes, warm, comforting feeling. Christy now whispers.

"I’m happy we moved, I love December Sparkle!"

Laura eyes the window, snow falls so pretty, enchantingly.


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