Exciting Things Happened

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The greatest, mysterious thrill that wonderfully happened, very exciting, memorable!

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Exciting Things Happened



Four days before Christmas, teacher Carrie Lorne is leaving this afternoon to pick up her relatives at the airport. She can’t wait to see Aunt Martha and Uncle Jeff who are excited about Carrie’s new house. On December second, Carrie eagerly moved into a lovely, cozy house that is near the town’s favourite spot, Seasons Glee Park. She has always loved that park, Nanny Rita Wilkins had taken young Carrie and her brother Nathan there at least twice a week. She thought of the park as a special place to play, enjoy nature, feel relaxed by a calming stream. Carrie will never forget Rita, she had passed away last spring from an illness. Carrie thought of her as a dearest, loving angel who had truly been a sincere happiness. Carrie’s mother, Elizabeth left for a show business career when Carrie was only eight years old. Every July, Mom, Carrie and Nathan get together for a picnic in the park. Elizabeth wasn’t a real mom. Carrie has gotten used to seeing her once a year. But Carrie had a difficult time losing fiancee Mike Huntly who was in a car accident, almost six years ago. His heart stopped on route to the hospital. Carrie was grateful to have Rita for comfort. Carrie always wears the ring, bracelet in Mike’s memory. Recently, she knew it’s time to leave Mike’s parents and start a new life with a home and her cat, Susy.

Now, Carrie reaches for the car keys by a garland trim photo of Mike. It was taken at one of the park’s summer concert. Carrie gladly took it while contented Mike enjoyed an ice cream cone. Carrie has splendid memories to lean on. She tenderly blows a kiss as the phone rings. Carrie sighs, the phone call is Tracy Gardner, Carrie’s neighbour who sounds nervous. Tracy is about to have her first baby, Tracy’s husband Peter is away at a meeting. Carrie turns to the pretty tree, Susy is resting nearby.

"Oh gosh Tracy, I’ll take you to the hospital! I’m leaving now!" As she puts the phone down, Carrie thinks of Nathan, she calls so he can go to the airport instead. Nathan is glad to do it, Carrie’s heart beats fast. She puts on the shoulder purse, she looks at, Home Sweet Home gift from Dad. Quickly out the door, Carrie now sees uncomfortable Tracy.

"I’m here for you, Tracy! I was with my sister- in- law Denise when she had Ryan!" Tracy slowly grabs a cap, jacket.

"Ah, I’m due after Christmas and my mom left in the morning to look after a sick friend. My in-laws are out shopping. Peter is coming tomorrow. Thanks, Carrie. Oh, this is bad!" Tracy groans, she starts deep breathing while Carrie takes her hand and a suitcase. Carrie tries to be strong but she is shaky.

Now, she helps Tracy into the car. Carrie instantly thinks of Nanny Rita, she would often say, "Whenever there’s a frantic time, try to stay calm, relaxed then the road is a little smoother." This surely sounds good but it’s a different thing altogether when the roads are snowy, slippery. Carrie drives carefully, she tells Tracy to keep doing the breathing exercises. The traffic is naturally slow because of Christmas shoppers. Carrie doesn’t like the bumper to bumper cars. Suddenly, Carrie notices a police car at a gas station. She smiles, the policeman can quickly drive them to the hospital. This is great, he will help as Carrie comforts Tracy in the backseat. Carrie won’t forget that fast ride.

They are now at the hospital, distraught Tracy is relieved. At the entrance, Tracy is immediately assisted in a wheelchair. Shortly, her husband Peter calls, he is so excited. He will take an early plane home. Now, Tracy’s best friend nurse Heather Shaw finished the shift. She will warmly be with Tracy. Carrie calmly heads to the cafeteria for tea, a sandwich. She wants to be close, there’s a decorated waiting room. Carrie likes the silver tree with red bells. Mike loved it. Carrie now has a call from Nathan.

"Carrie, don’t worry. Aunt Martha, Uncle Jeff, Dad are at my place. We’re having a light snack, hot chocolate. Susy cat is here too. You can stay longer with Tracy." Carrie is satisfied.

"I don’t mind staying, the nurse and I take turns to help out. Tracy’s husband is arriving soon. I can’t leave anyways, my car is parked in town at a gas station. Ah, I’ll call when I need you. Oh, show that funny video of my kids in the classroom, Aunt Martha will love it!" Nathan agrees, he will wait for Carrie’s call. Now, she hears festive music in the hallway.

At four fifteen, Tracy’s husband anxiously runs in the corridor. Twenty six minutes later, they warmly greet their baby girl, Melissa Noel. Tracy’s parents, in -laws come with gifts. This is all exciting, very heartfelt just before Christmas.

Moments after, smiling Carrie enters the waiting room, she likes to copy down a Christmas recipe from a magazine. She is getting sleepy and the sofa is comfortable. Peacefully, Carrie drifts off to a deep slumber. She is having a pleasant dream, young Carrie helps Nanny Rita and Dad decorate their tree. Nathan brings in the angel for the top branch. What stands out is how happy Rita looks, she softly takes Carrie’s hand. She gazes.

"Carrie, let’s take a ride, you deserve this special gift!" Magically, Carrie in mid twenties is delightfully lifted, she is so free, wondrous excitement. The ride in the clouds is thrilling, unforgettable. They are at colourful Seasons Glee Park, she sees Mike in a tuxedo holding a stunning, red velvet coat that shows up in the snow. She happily puts on the coat, she is all smiles because of Mike. It’s special, they dance. Everything is so real, glorious. Under a nearby mistletoe, Mike sweetly kisses Carrie.

"Merry Christmas darling, I’ll always love you, always! You’re all I want for Christmas, forever!" Carrie is ecstatic, spectacular joy being close with Mike again. Their tender hugs, face touching feels truly divine. This is all amazing, even the delicious chocolate, caramel treat is perfect. It’s a captivating, lovely dream but suddenly, Mike and Rita now wave goodbye. Present age Carrie is upset, she knows what’s next. Rita is near.

"Carrie, you have such beautiful memories of this place, remember, Seasons Glee will forever stay in your heart! Enjoy your home." Carrie sees them walking in a fog. She cries out.

"No, don’t go, please stay with me! Don’t go, come back please!" All of a sudden, Carrie is awakened by someone she knows. It’s Denise’s cousin, Jordan Mayfield. He warmly gazes.

"Hi Carrie, good seeing you! I thought you’re having a bad dream, you were yelling. Can I get you water?" She is dazed.

"No thanks, I’m ok. I came with my neighbour, she has a sweet baby girl. Oh, I had a vivid, heartwarming dream. Hey, I didn’t know you are a nurse, that’s surprising." Jordan smiles.

"I’m a nurse’s assistant, I will be a nurse in May. Pretty bracelet. I’ve a long break, care for coffee? I know a nice spot, glowing with decorations, soft music." Carrie is interested.

"Sure, sounds great! I need to get my car in town. Gosh, what a dream I had, a beautiful coat, everything seemed real!" Once Carrie sees the chocolate candy wrapper by her hand, she now feels blessed. Carrie was lovingly, spiritually touched by Mike and Rita. Excited Carrie lets out a deep, wonderful sigh.

"It’s Christmas, warmest time to celebrate, remember!"

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