Finding Out, Surprisingly, Part Three, Warm Presence

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The perfect excitement of a deep, wonderful love!

Finding Out, Surprisingly

Part Three, Warm Presence


As Cara Linden anxiously waits for the plane to arrive, she warmly thinks of sweet Aunt Rochelle who enjoys making pies. It’s a happy, special thought on this July evening. Wearing a flowery sun dress, Cara is excited to see her aunt. The last time together was a sad farewell to Cara’s dad Frank. His oldest sister Rochelle lovingly gave the eulogy. Her fine, memorable speech deeply comforted the family. Cara adores Aunt Rochelle, she can’t wait to tell about, handsome wonderful Ken Marsh, the engagement and wedding to be on August sixth. Cara wrote, she called her aunt a few times, saying how important it is to visit. Having Rochelle’s presence at the wedding means everything to Cara who is bursting with happiness.

These precious six months have been the most blissful, great fireworks excitement for Cara and Ken. Their true love is very special from the moment they met in January. The couple treasures the skiing trip for Ken’s birthday in February, the family party in April and fun, colourful May Fair. Cara had missed her May twentieth birthday because of the flu but Ken’s engagement surprise in June surely made up for it. Ken had romantically proposed on the Ferris Wheel ride. Their love, happiness is the bond that glows with truth and commitment.

At one side of the airport, Cara notices her smiling mom and bearded brother, Travis. They’re here to welcome Rochelle.

"Cara hon, good news, we just booked the Lorne Sisters to sing at the church, your dad’s friend Mike will do the reading!"

"Oh, that’s wonderful! Thanks Mom and Travis, I love the pretty heart you’ve made for the reception. Cute drawing of a happy pharmacist and plumber!" She hugs both, Travis smiles.

"Not just me, the kids in my swimming class had fun. Heather, little Robby and I did the trim. So, Ken is working?"

"Yes, he will meet us later at the apartment for sandwiches, ice tea. Too bad, the painting at our house isn’t done, cool welcome sign!" Cara is thrilled, she and Ken bought a cozy, small home a week ago. A nice surprise, it’s a block away from Ken’s sister, Stephanie. Now, they hear the announcement, the plane arrives. Cara thinks of her dad, he loved planes landing.

Shortly, Cara feels so blessed as she hugs smiling Rochelle and she shows her beautiful diamond ring. This is a touching scene. Cara shares the perfect joy with Aunt Rochelle who is extremely delighted for Cara. Happy tears come about. The four along with Grandparents, Russel and Lois enjoy the gathering at the apartment. It’s nice seeing dear Annie Hale, she brings a big decorated cake. Ken’s Groomsmen, Matthew, David, Jonathan show up. Now at eight fifteen, Ken is here with his proud parents, Will and Rosemary, sisters, Stephanie, Violet, Uncle Gordon, Aunt Shelly. Cara is about to turn the fan on. Ken tells to wait, he has a special verse to read. Cara is surprised. First, he lovingly reaches to give Aunt Rochelle a charming orchid pin.

"How sweet, thoughtful! I’m honoured to be a part of this!" He tenderly hugs her, she is fulfilled. Now, all eyes turn to Ken.

"Cara, being in your presence is the most satisfying, joyous and comforting feeling. I just want to shout to the world, I love being with you, my deepest love, devoted friend, my honest strength and laughter comes from you! I will always feel safe, warm by your loving side, you are my reason to shine so brightly. So, if anyone asks me to come receive my present, I would say I already have the precious, worthwhile present, it’s simply being in, Your Presence. All my love to you my dearest bride to be, thank you to my special, wonderful family and new special, wonderful family. Your presence is warm, a genuine gift! From the bottom of my heart, thanks for your support, peace, knowledge, laughter and love!" The family admirably respond by clapping, some are also crying with strong emotion. The cute, tender part is seeing Cara and Ken passionately kiss. Ken’s dad wanted them do kiss again for the video camera.

There’s just nine days before the wedding, August sixth. Last minute shopping, entertaining had quickly passed the time. All the family surely enjoyed the pool parties at Uncle Gordon’s place. Cara’s maid of honour, Nicole Abbey would take pictures of family, wedding members to later create a precious album.

The night before the wedding, Uncle Jeff put on a fun, terrific party, home movies brought warm, pleasant memories. Cara especially loved seeing great moments, picnics at the beach or family decorating the tree. Cara’s dad smiling is truly lovable.

"Frank knew how to make happiness last, I’ll never forget each season of enchantment!" Cara’s mom, Hilary is sincere.

On this special morning in Uncle Jeff’s home, Cara wakes up at twenty to eight. She hears a light shower, the weatherman said that it will be sunny later on. The loving phone call from Ken had made a difference to calm a nervous Cara. She soon relaxes while listening to Rochelle’s true comical stories.

At two, a glorious moment arrives, Cara proudly glows as she is wearing her mother’s lacy gown. She certainly looks like a princess. While gazing at Uncle Jeff’s hall mirror, Cara knows this is so real. All of a sudden, Aunt Rochelle has the hiccups, she can’t stop. Cara’s mom mentions ginger ale. Alone upstairs, Cara finds comfort with a picture nearby. Neighbour Janet took this one of Mom, Dad, Martin, Travis and twelve year old Cara before her birthday dinner. Cara now sweetly blows a kiss to Dad, her eyes closed to pray. Now, there’s a familiar whisper.

"I love you Cara, happiness always!" Cara incredibly feels something warm on her left hand, like a velvet glove.

"I love you Dad!" This is so amazing, unforgettable. Cara

is emotionally touched, she is beaming with joy. Suddenly, she hears the photographer’s voice, Ken’s brother- in- law Blake, three Bridesmaids are pretty in yellow dresses. Aunt Rochelle has stopped hiccuping, wonderful dazed Cara is simply at peace.

Now, smiling Cara, Uncle Jeff and Bridesmaids, Nicole, Maureen, Emily and Flower Girl, Taylor Linden arrive at the church. Once inside the porch, Cara has a perfect sensation, she is thrilled to walk down the aisle with Uncle Jeff. Nicole now gently pulls Cara’s veil to her face. Taylor is excited to throw rose petals. Uncle Jeff is all smiles, he taps his niece’s arm.

"So Cara, are you ready?" She takes a deep sigh, gazing at her gorgeous bouquet of red, yellow roses, mauve carnations.

"Yes, my new life starts now!" She happily sees Ken, his presence is truly heartwarming, this is what love is all about!






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Lynn Grey

Loove it like always :))

Mon, January 31st, 2011 11:34am


Aww how heart warming scene:)
Good chapter.
Keep me updated ayt?

Tue, February 1st, 2011 4:29am

Brian Peza Perrins

This is coming along nicely Vincey, I like it

Thu, February 3rd, 2011 4:05am

Venessa Jinson

I loved it!!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Great job!

Keep me updated, please!

? Venessa

Fri, February 4th, 2011 1:09pm

the dead poet

I liked this, story of, story of love and conpasion, very well told, I enjoyed this very much, love is amazing,

Sun, February 6th, 2011 5:59pm


LOVE IT!!! Keep going, ^.^ I'll be sure to keep reading.

Tue, March 1st, 2011 8:08pm

writers art

love this one so amazing i look forward to reading your are inspirational to me..what a gift you have i love your work

Wed, October 19th, 2011 4:52pm

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