Finding Out, Surprisingly Part two, Cupid's Arrow

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There's a warm , exciting thrill to be hit by Cupid's Arrow

Finding Out, Surprisingly

Part Two, Cupid’s Arrow



This January evening, Cara and Ken certainly enjoy the crazy humour at the new restaurant, entertainment place. It seems that Cara has laughed so hard, she stopped thinking of her dentist appointment tomorrow. Cara is having fun, the silly acts are hilarious, especially the one with the leprechaun who fooled the naughty, constant bully Tommy. The leprechaun told him that he would be rewarded, all he has to do is sit on the highest tree branch. Little did he know, there was permanent glue where he sat. Tommy happily went along, he now asked what the reward is. Everyone in the audience looked curious to hear the leprechaun’s reply. "You can bully all you want up there, you will have the wind, rain or snow and the birds will often leave you a little something behind!" After zany skits on dating, newlyweds and romance, Cara wins a door prize. She giggles at the cute pig, night light. The smiling face is lovable.

"Wow, this is so genuine! I always wanted a unique, happy

pig night light!" Cara laughs as Ken admires the funny prize.

"Cara, I don’t think many people actually have this light,

so you should proudly show it off!" They chuckle, standing in the parking lot. Cara hates to say goodbye, she enjoyed every minute. Suddenly, she is reminded of the church social, fund raiser on Sunday. There will be a summer adventure film at the church hall. Cara delightfully smiles while looking at Ken.

"What a great evening! It’s been such a long time since I laughed so much! I must tell my friends about it. Ah, if you are not busy Sunday at two, our church hall, All Brother Love, is putting on a film, Princess on a Farm, to take our mind off cold winter. I’ve heard it’s comical!" Cara now waits, she has actually invited Ken whom she has met this afternoon. He grins.

"Thank you for the invitation but I don’t think I can make it, Sunday is my grandmother’s birthday. She has mentioned a sleigh ride day, the family will celebrate at Sherbrooke Valley." Cara wished he had said yes. She is surprised about the place.

"Oh I love that resort! My relatives’s anniversary party was there, a beautiful winter paradise! Happy times, carefree spirit, we shared fun, love. It’s something precious to have joy, laughter!" Cara holds memories of the family, her dad loved square dancing. She dearly misses him. Suddenly, one of Ken’s friend waves, he parks his car. Ken is anxious, he turns to Cara.

"I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, I knew you would! Drive safely now." Cara nods, she feels a little sad mainly because she truly likes Ken Marsh, a very nice, fun easy going person.

Later, Cara is home as she enters the apartment building. She now sees a note by her door. She thinks it’s neighbour, June who often leaves cute messages about her job as a primary teacher. Cara finds out that this is from Melanie Hayes, a pharmacist assistant at work. As soon as she opens her door, Cara places the night light on the sofa. She eagerly opens the note. It’s all written in a red marker, Cara, Cupid’s arrow has hit me, it’s love, sweet love! I am so happy, Brian and I are crazy about each other. We talk about a Valentine’s wedding! See you at work, excited Melanie Hayes! Hope things are great with you too. Cara loves this special news, Melanie and Brian are cupid’s magical love. Cara now looks at the cute night light.

"I’ll call you, Cupid Piggy, you’re my new bedroom light!"

A snowy Sunday arrives with the sound of a vacuum cleaner on the second floor. Cara knew it’s the Saunders family who are having a noon rehearsal of the junior high school play, Romeo and Juliet. This will take place on February seventh, Cara is interested to see it, feel the perfect, undying love of a young couple. Before going on a jog, Cara happily thinks of her grandparents, Russel and Lois who have been married for fifty three years. Their love is perfect and undying. Cara soon feels the cold air but her heart is warm, content.

Now, at the church hall, Cara, her mom and two girls help out in the kitchen. They’re ready with snacks, refreshments for the movie, Princess on a Farm. The hall is filled with a good size audience. Cara soon notices her friend, bank teller Tracy is with Steven Young who is nice but very busy. Cara’s mind is now joyously on Ken, she is in a daze. Someone taps her arm.

"Cara, you’re miles away, thinking of something warm, I hope!" Cara welcomes church member, pregnant Lindsay Dale.

"Oh Lindsay, shouldn’t you be home resting! It’s close to your due date." Now, Lindsay giggles as she buys some candy.

"Well, hubby is working, my sister and I will enjoy this."

Soon, the lights are turned off, everyone is ready to watch.

At two forty, Cara sees someone at the doorway. She greets, now Cara is excited that it’s smiling Ken who whispers.

"I just had to see you! We’ll have Grandma’s sleigh ride next week when my cousins arrive. Hope you come along too. Aunt Lesley Jane gave us fudge. Ah, I had trouble finding the hall but I’m here, must be cupid’s arrow!" He gets close to softly kiss her, so romantically sweet. Cara is on top of the world, she truly feels wonderful cupid’s arrow.






Submitted: January 17, 2011

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Lynn Grey

Amazing like always Vicney!!

Tue, January 18th, 2011 12:39pm

Future EMT

Wow, great job. I'm really impressed with your obvious talent as a writer and look fowared to reading more of your work.
I'm a freelance writer and on my booksie page is a true story about how my dad and I saved my four-year-old niece, Juliet after she fell into the family pool. It was a very emotional and personal piece to write. If you want to, stop by my booksie page and check it out. I will also be putting song lyrics up on my page, since I'm a singer, songwriter, and musician.

Bye 4 now!!!

Future EMT:))

Tue, January 18th, 2011 8:01pm


This is nice dear:) cute & sweet:) are you planning to make this a novel?
keep me updated if you post new one;)

Tue, January 18th, 2011 10:34pm

the dead poet

sorry took so long to comment, now I have the time to say you are kind and sweet,
and you have talent, as a writer, most don't have both, lol I like this story, so impressive, I
wish I could write a story, lol seem like it would be hard so I admire people that can tell a divine, story, so thank you,

Mon, January 24th, 2011 8:03am


Lovely! I loved it! xD I'm putting this to my reading list.

Fri, January 28th, 2011 4:01pm

Brian Peza Perrins

Nice work Vincey, keep it up!

Thu, February 3rd, 2011 4:04am

Venessa Jinson

Amazing!!! You are such a talented writer!!!

? Venessa

Fri, February 4th, 2011 1:07pm

Quirky Cait

i loved it was very inspiring

Fri, May 6th, 2011 9:42pm


I like your story, you should come check out mine sometime. Its also filled with love, but also hatred. Please comment on what I need to work on. I really want to get better

Sat, May 21st, 2011 8:26pm

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