Kites Glide with Love

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Hope you enjoy this heart-warming story of Daelyn and Jason. This is beautiful summer sight, an adorable couple, precious delight!! I wrote this story especially for a summer romance contest, Number four picture truly inspired me to write, warm loving beach fun, lovey dovey SWEET!

Submitted: May 29, 2014

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Submitted: May 29, 2014



Today, a sunny beautiful June twenty fourth, close to eighteen Daelyn Galloway is busy with birthday preparations. She adores decorating. It's for Grandma Margaret's seventy eighth birthday and a perfect day for an outdoor party. Daelyn is content hanging pretty streamers, balloons, flower vines around the yard. She has help from her mother on where everything should go. Mom is watering the plants by the sun deck garden. Daelyn now smiles while thinking of her sweet boyfriend, Jason Reams. They met in March, part time job at the new sports equipment store in the mall. Their great interest of ice hockey and field hockey, soccer surely brought them together. Daelyn and Jason weren't on the same school team, it didn't bother Daelyn who truly enjoys playing awesome sports.  

This summer she is busy with work and also coaching assistant to third graders soccer team. After high school, she plans to be a Phys. Ed teacher just like her dad and Jason would like to be an architect. Grandma Margaret has told them to follow their dreams right to the very end. She is so happy for Daelyn who is wonderfully attracted to Jason.  They adorably share plenty of love and happiness. Anyone could easily tell just by looking at Daelyn's big glowing smile.  It must be splendidly grand, Jason will be attending Daelyn's high school for grade twelve. They surely want to be together. Now, Daelyn's phone rings, it's best friend Sarah Landry who will be coming after all to Margaret's party this afternoon. This is terrific, Sarah and Daelyn will spend some time before Sarah leaves Tuesday for art summer school. Daelyn turns to notice some of her smiling relatives holding containers of food. They admire the festive backyard. Daelyn likes the compliments. Now, her phone rings again and it's Jason. He is coming over to see Daelyn before going off to work. They love going to the coffee shop deck.

Soon, the yard looks ninety percent ready for a family party and now inside the house, Daelyn brushes out her pony tail.  Jason likes Daelyn's long blond hair. The sparkling butterfly clip that he bought looks nice on one side. She stands close to the hall mirror. A beautiful thought comes to mind, Daelyn thinks of the movie she had seen with Jason the other night. The teen girl made sure her dad looked great on his wedding day. That special movie part made Daelyn emotionally cry. Jason teased a little. Now, Daelyn's two brothers, Michael and Peter enter with folding chairs.  Oldest brother Michael jokes around, "Hey, you love staring at yourself in the mirror! Waiting for something to happen? Ah, mirror, mirror on the wall,  who is the fairest of them all?"  He laughs. Daelyn smartly bounces back, "Oh very cute, really, love to stay and chat but I'm leaving and you guys are in charge of setting up all the tables,  spotlessly scrub the garage bathroom and clean out the greasy barbecue! Take your pick, have fun!!"   She delightfully smirks as she heads out the front door to wait for Jason. Daelyn gets a big kick from being the only girl in the family.


Shortly, she sees Jason drive up by the house. He is all smiles, cutest look on his face. They warmly kiss.  He is happy to see Daelyn. "Hi my love, you're looking so pretty. Oh, you'll never guess who I just saw at the gas station?"  Daelyn giggles,  "Ah, no idea but I'm curious, who?"  He chuckles, "Little Robby Campbell and his parents. Robby is so cute,he thinks of us as his big brother and sister, terrific. His folks are happy that you and I played with him at the park last week. His grandfather seemed very frail, he had a hard time breathing.  Well, so glad that you were there with me, you're great with kids, I can tell you had fun flying his superman kite."  Daelyn contentedly smiles. "I love kids and kites are pretty, so much fun. Sarah and I made them when we were younger!" Now, once they see some teenagers decorate cars for a wedding, they deeply gaze. Daelyn shines a lovely smile, "Aaahh, what a perfect day for a wedding and Grandma's birthday party! Grandma sounded very excited on the phone early this morning when I called. Ah, too bad you won't be around for today's party. I'll be wearing my new light blue dress."  Jason grins. "Sorry, I couldn't get my shift changed at the restaurant, busy now with tourists.  But you're definitely going to love the birthday present I bought, something very nice for you too! I'll show you at the coffee shop deck."  She giggles, "Okay, you know I love surprises!!" Daelyn is very anxious, she happily thinks of Jason's eighteenth birthday in May. He certainly loves his watch gift she bought for him. Now, she wonderfully remembers what he had said to her, "Daelyn, this birthday is very special because of sweet lovely, precious you! I'll never tire of saying, I love you, it's totally AWESOME!!"  


At the coffee shop deck, they sit under a pretty yellow umbrella. Jason shows his gift to Grandma Margaret. It's so charming, a butterfly lamp that runs on batteries, great to have when there's no power.  She brightly smiles, "Oh, it's sweet, she will adore this, just lovely!" Jason is content. "Glad you like it, you can do a better job wrapping this."  She chuckles while looking at the other gift in a pink bag. "Sure, I can wrap it."  He now eagerly hands it to Daelyn with great love. She looks nervous as she slowly reaches in. Soon, Daelyn notices a deep brown fancy box. Now, she stares at him, "I'm so surprised, it's not my birthday yet."  He lovingly grins, "This is our first summer, I wanted to make it memorable! Go ahead, open the box."  She giggles while opening the box. There's a gorgeous necklace with a shiny kite that opens up. Warmly touched Daelyn now reads the engraving,  "Kites Glide with Love, J. and  D. Aaahhh, this is precious!"Daelyn is so happy, she now emotionally starts to cry. Jason smiles, "That's the cutest reaction I was looking for!" She looks directly at his loving face, "Gosh, thank you so much, I truly love it, I'll wear it always, really!!!! Oh, put it on me right away!!" This is one spectacular summer noon, Daelyn has been lifted to the sun. In no time, the adorable jewellery looks radiant around Daelyn's neck. Jason tenderly takes her hand, "Once I saw this, I knew it's meant for us. We will have a fun terrific summer!"  She sweetly kisses him. They now enjoy ice coffee and icing cinnamon rolls. Much later on, Daelyn is at home, she can't wait to show everyone Jason's lovely gift. It's wonderful, Daelyn certainly feels tickled. She will be smiling, giggling throughout Grandma's party. After the meal and cake, Dad took a special family picture with very contented Grandma in the middle.


Two weeks later, July tenth, tired Daelyn comes in from an evening soccer game, she gets a call from Jason. He mentions that his Uncle Will needs plenty of help with fixing the old schoolhouse to make into a bungalow. It's close to Morristown Beach. Daelyn likes the idea but she sadly wonders. "Sounds cool but I don't know when I could be free. So much is going on, Dad's boy scouts concert, our neighbours family reunion. Oh, don't forget my cousin's wedding on the eighteenth. Ah, you haven't forgotten it, have you?"  Jason chuckles on the phone. "No, no, I didn't forget, I better check my schedule at the store and restaurant. Call you tomorrow, I'm so beat from mowing the front lawn. I'll now go over the new guitar lessons. Love you."   "Okay, love you too."  Now, Daelyn  heads to the kitchen, she sees a busy mother who is about to fill the dishwasher.  "Mom, I do love working, being soccer coach is amazing but I feel there's not much time for Jason and I. Well, I see him at work but it's a quick chat, then a few evenings but we are so tired. It's crazy, when I'm free, he is working and when he is free, I'm not."   Daelyn's mother understands. "That's how I feel working as a nurse, but me and your father usually set up time so that we could be together. It's very hard but all worth it. He loves being at the boy scout camp and when he comes home, it's classic movie night, quality time indeed. So, tomorrow, you'll drive me to work?"  Daelyn sighs. "Sure, nice to have the car."  She grins while touching the kite necklace. 

The next morning, Daelyn is anxious to drive, have the car all day.  She plans to do some shopping then relax at the beach. It's going to be very hot today. Daelyn will be working at the sports store this evening. Hopefully, she might meet up with Jason later for pizza. Now, she notices Mom making a sandwich for work. She turns. "Oh, sweetie, you look pretty in your mint green top and shorts, that colour suits you."   She gets close. "Thanks, Jason likes me in deep blue and fuisha pink. Ah, I feel a little down so I might drop by at Grandma's, she can always lift my mood."   Her mother nods, "Great idea, she enjoys painting in the shade."   Before leaving, Daelyn reaches for her bathing suit, beach towel, cap, sunglasses and some treats to take along. She happily thinks of a fond moment, she and Jason had fun swimming four days ago. They went to Morristown Beach with another couple. She loves this special thought, Jason was so happy playing beach volleyball, he suddenly lifted Daelyn and she enjoyed this excitement. The kissing surely highlighted soft glittery joy.


After dropping off Mom and fun shopping, Daelyn stops at the air conditioned book store. She sees a friend from work, they now get close. "Hi Lori, how's your summer going? Are you still going with Alex, ah pretty sure it's Alex."  Lori loudly chuckles. "No, I broke off with him last month, we were close to five months together. He drove me batty, very jealous and I couldn't stand it any more!"  Daelyn looks so puzzled. "Ah, it's five months for Jason and I. It's going great!"  Now quite surprisingly,  Daelyn notices Grandma Margaret, this is very nice. Both happily eye each other, Grandma has a big smile. "Hello Daelyn, great surprise! I love coming here by bus,  my favourite place, comfortably cool. Your hair looks cute in a pony tail. Oh, are you alone dear?"   Daelyn grins. "Yes, I am. Jason is working at the restaurant. We will probably meet up later this evening. I love coming here too, this is where Sarah and I would hang out. I do miss her a lot. Anyway, I'm heading to the beach, I would like a good summer romance paperback to read."   Margaret beams, "I know where they are, I'll show you!"  Daelyn giggles softly. She enjoyed Grandma's company and thirty minutes later, Uncle Curtis arrived for cheery Grandma.


When Daelyn finally got to Morristown Beach, she saw so many kids, teens flying kites. It surely is delightful, fun and colourfully special. The best part was seeing little Robby with his babysitter. "Hi Daelyn, it's so much fun going into the water, the waves splashed me!!"  Soon, Daelyn found out how the water is, she giggles, big laughter contented.  The gorgeous salt water felt heavenly. Even though she is by herself, Daelyn is having a wonderful time. The crowd close by are celebrating,  a nice family gathering. It certainly looked like a fun party scene. An adorable little girl about three kept rolling the beach ball to Daelyn. The two little puppies made it happy, so entertaining. More than an hour went by, Daelyn loves sunbathing. She definitely feels so relaxed, it's an amazing sunny day, refreshing breeze.  She now smiles from ear to ear when Jason text her a message.   Hi love, finally on break, nice feeling!! I just had a wonderful thought,  two of us snuggled together in June on that Ferris Wheel ride, up so high in our own sweet world. I felt warm, comfy sitting close to you!! Ah, I do miss you sweetie sooooooo much!!  Daelyn feels the same way, she types how beautiful the sandy beach is,  very pleasant breezes,fun kite carnival too. Robby is here with his babysitter. Everything looks great but without you, it just doesn't feel great. She ends by texting,  Hope to see you later this evening, I get off at nine thirty.  

Suddenly, she hears a guy's voice.  "Daelyn Galloway, hi there, nice to see you, girl!"  She now removes the sunglasses. The good looking tanned fellow is Terry Hilton, a boy she went out with a few times last year. She is surprised to see him. "Hi Terry, well, of all places to run into! How are you doing?"  He is all smiles. "I'm fine now, great seeing you! Wow, you look awesome, very sexy!! Oh yes babe, well well. So, would you like to go for a burger, I have my dad's silver convertible!"  Daelyn is very shocked, she stands up. "You have a lot of nerve! Ah, I have a boyfriend, five months now. See this necklace, he gave it to me. So, find someone else for that silver convertible!!"  He stands there staring.  Now Daelyn's phone rings, it's best friend, Sarah, this is awesome.  "Oh gosh Sarah! Are you in town?"  Daelyn is thrilled to hear Sarah's voice.  "Yes Daelyn, I wanted to surprise you, are you coaching soccer?"  Daelyn chuckles. "No, I'm at the beach, hello oh I hear static on my phone, Sarah, can you hear me?"  There was no sound then Sarah mentions to meet her at Shirley's Desserts.  "Okay Sarah, I'll leaving now!"  She quickly grabs the beach stuff and she throws the t-shirt over her bathing suit. As she turns around, she waves to Robby who is making sandcastles.  

Afterwards,  Daelyn cheers when greeting Sarah at Shirley's. You can tell that Daelyn is a beach bunny, nice tan, damp pony tail. Soon, she finds out that Sarah wanted Daelyn to meet her boyfriend, Nathan Carter. It seems that Daelyn, Sarah and Nathan are going to a wedding at four thirty, it's Nathan's Uncle Steve and bride to be Charlotte. They will be married at the beautiful Tea Gardens Park close to the golf course. Sarah is very excited,  the biggest surprise for Daelyn is now seeing Jason coming from the washroom.  In awe, she opens her mouth wide now.  "Oh my God! Ah Jason, you're here!! I'm now a kite swiftly blown away from all of this!!"  They blissfully laugh.  Jason's hug made everything rosy again. Happily, Daelyn hears the whole lovely incident. Sarah planned this with Jason when he was at work. Sarah wanted them to be together and she told Jason the best thing to do is to tell his boss that he is going to a wedding. His boss is very nice, she mildly said, "Go, have fun!"   Jason is thankful to leave a busy restaurant and actually see, hug and kiss Daelyn. It's a grand time. Sarah cleverly made all this happen, she even called the sports store so that Daelyn is free this evening. Sarah used to work there, she easily convinced good friend Mark to take over for Daelyn.  Mark will naturally have next Tuesday evening off. Daelyn is still in a daze,  "We are all going to a wedding soon, ah very unexpected I think, I don't know the couple, wedding guests but what I'm trying to say is, well, it sounds so terrific!!! I love it, let me change into my new clothes I bought earlier. Sarah, thanks for setting this up!"

Later on at the attractive flowery park, the outdoor wedding is about to begin. Smiling Daelyn is dressed in a bright peach outfit, she loves sitting by Jason and softly holding his hand. "I'll never forget this charming special evening, it's like being lifted off the ground, fluttering high in the sky. It's great being a part of this lovely wedding,  seeing Sarah happy with Nathan. Lastly, you and I are together, gliding with sweetness."  Jason now kisses her hand, he lovingly gazes. "I want to sweep you off your feet all the time, it's fun being with you always! Later, we will be dancing here under the stars, awesome. Oh, I will tell you a little something, you're going to be very surprised for your eighteenth birthday next month. Think of the word, glide!"  Daelyn looks puzzled, she delightfully sighs.  At this beaming moment, Daelyn realizes something very precious. Even though she and Jason are very busy, often missing each other, she is so happy, grateful to have a sweet boyfriend like Jason. They definitely have that warm wonderful connection that will always last. Daelyn now thinks of the kite she bought at the beach, it's a cute sunshine smiley face.  Like a bright dazzling kite, love will put you high in the clouds, you got to have that beautiful string or ribbon that ties two hearts together as one.

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