Love's Magic Confetti

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Great happiness and love surprisingly pours over Katie!

Submitted: June 08, 2011

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Submitted: June 08, 2011




?Love's Magic Confetti

Before the clock radio sounds, Katie Redford instantly wakes up from a strange dream. Katie now thinks of the vivid details. She happened to be chosen, Queen of the Summer Festivities and she has to ring the town's special bell. Dressed in a flower gown, hair band, Katie pulls the cord attached to the bell. Soon, confetti sparkles softly falls like rain, Katie loved it. Surprisingly, the bell doesn't ring, but a dove lands on Katie's shoulder. The lovely bird actually giggled, puckered up for a kiss. This dream is surely odd. Katie thinks it could have been the spicy chicken she ate last night. She and boyfriend, Greg Dawson enjoyed a snack, good mystery movie.

Katie notices the curtain swaying by an open window, she thinks of her secretarial school reunion Friday. She and Greg danced, it was a romantic evening, especially later at the new Surprise Photo. They were showered with bright streamers, confetti. Katie will buy a frame for the adorable picture. Now, the clock radio comes on and grinning Katie turns about. Near Greg's artwork, she sees the heart invitation card from Katie's cousin, Nicole. She will be getting married to Sean on July twenty first, Katie will happily sing for them at the church.

Today, very warm fourteenth of July, Katie is going to be busy at the clinic, two girls are training for office work. Katie wears the beige, white outfit from Greg, they'll have lunch at the Wharfside Cafe. Greg,an architect loves this charming town. He and Katie met last spring at a charity buffet, dance. It's clearly true love. Now, before leaving the apartment, Katie gets the phone. She wishes it's her folks who are away. The call is good friend, Denise.

"I'm not sure about bowling, Denise. Aunt Viola wants me to visit at the hospital. Greg mentioned tennis. My neighbour downstairs is having a party, her son arrives from camp. Ah, I'll call you later, I had a very crazy dream!" Katie turns to a cute photo that Greg had taken of Katie, niece Rose enjoying cotton candy at the fair. Now, close to the car, Katie has a call from loving Greg.

"Hi hon, just a reminder to take along a sweater, cool breezes at the wharf. Love ya, sweet cupcake!" Katie laughs.

"You're precious! I don't mind the cool breezes, can't wait for it! See you later, tell you about an odd dream. Love ya too, caramel pudding!"

Katie is so happy, she truly adores Greg.

Afterwards, while driving by Queen St. Park, Katie notices an elderly woman near a ladder. In a daisy hat, mauve outfit, the woman is about to hang a potted mums on a high post. Katie will help, she stops the car. The woman is grateful, she mentions giving Katie some fudge.On the ladder, Katie hangs the pot and she now sees the other side of the park. There's a young boy who holds a light cord at the fountain. Worried Katie shouts.

"Hey you,drop that cord, it can be dangerous!" The boy understands. Suddenly, a crow zooms so close that it startles Katie. She sadly loses her balance, she falls off the ladder. Now, the woman screams out to nearby students picking up litter. This is dreadful, Katie lies face down. She groans with intense pain. The student calls for an ambulance. A curious girl about seven now approaches, tiny bells on her sneaker shoelaces. She casually sprinkles confetti on Katie's back.

"Magic confetti, you'll be fine." The girl places a bag of confetti in Katie's hand. Moments after, the ambulance is here.

At the hospital, shaken Katie hears she has a broken arm, sprained knee and bruised side. She needs plenty of rest. Her family doctor is on his way. Katie certainly feels the shock, she can't bowl, swim or play tennis for awhile. Concerned Greg soon arrives, he delightfully lifts Katie's spirits. Denise now shows up and surprisingly, Katie is beaming. Greg leaves for a coffee. Denise sees the cast, she is quite puzzled of this merry image.

"Katie, you look so happy for a patient, what's up?" Katie warmly giggles while glancing at the nearby fudge, confetti.

"Oh, it's this gorgeous ring, Greg proposed!! Dreams come true, even crazy dreams! We would like to get married in the spring. You know, I believe in Magic Confetti, sweet gift. Well, a sad fall but now a very joyful celebration!" Excited Denise cheers, it's perfect and so is the love of Greg and Katie. Like confetti, their love wonderfully showers all around them.

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