Sarah's Special Christmas

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A very special day, Sarah will never forget!

Submitted: December 23, 2010

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Submitted: December 23, 2010



Sarah’s Special Christmas


Spending the most joyous day, Christmas Eve with your family and close friends is a blessed event. There’s usually a turkey dinner, eggnog and festive cookies to enjoy by a cozy fireplace. Everyone has a traditional celebration. On this snowy Christmas Eve, Sarah Porter is getting married to Kyle Donovan. Both interns, Sarah and Kyle became engaged on Valentine’s Day, they’ve bought a home in August and they’re anxious for a new married life. At seven, they will express their love with beautiful vows and rings.

Now, Sarah is getting her hair curled, she loves this relaxing time before the wedding. Blissfully, she thinks about Kyle and being married on this memorable evening. Sarah's childhood wish was to have a Christmas Eve wedding. She has treasured the memory of Aunt Nellie and Uncle Graham’s lovely wedding on December twenty fourth. Sarah, nine then was the Flower Girl who brought great happiness. At the church, Sarah delightfully sang, Joy to the World. Sarah’s parents call her an angel with a golden voice, free spirit nature. Throughout school and work, Sarah easily made friends, she cherishes the special times.

Sarah happily sips tea while best friend still works on her hair. Now, Sarah's mind wanders to such wonderful memories. She warmly sighs while remembering. Sarah fell instantly in love with Kyle on the first day they met. It was a fall costume dance set up by Aunt Nellie to raise money for cancer. Sarah, dressed as Little Miss Muffed had bumped into Spider, Kyle. They couldn’t stop laughing, one magical moment. Afterwards, Sarah was asked to sing on stage and she dedicated the first song to her new friend. Later outside, Kyle found a button shaped like a heart. Sarah kept it as a lucky charm. They dated for two years. Sarah often thinks of what Aunt Nellie had said.

"Oh Sarah, Kyle is adorable, charming, he is your dream come true!" Sarah has felt blessed, especially when Aunt Nellie needed heart surgery last April. Sarah’s birthday joy was having Nellie seated at the dinner party. Kyle was fascinated by Nellie’s gift, a handmade jewellery box, perfect for the bracelet and heart charm from Kyle. This evening, Sarah will happily wear the bracelet of seven charms of love. These joyful memories surely make this moment unforgettable. Sarah is the happiest, beautiful bride to be, the excitement of marriage, children brings on a radiant smile. She feels the joy on this fine, glorious Christmas Eve. It's that perfect time to put on her wedding dress. 

Now, in her bedroom, Sarah looks like a fairytale princess. In the full length mirror, stunning Sarah deeply gazes at the elegant, lace gown. She looks so lovely. Proud Mom now places Sarah’s headpiece veil as Aunt Nellie stands close. The Bridesmaids in red anxiously wait for the photographer. One of the bridesmaids is Sarah's cousin, Maureen who gladly made dainty little bells for the bouquets. She added that Christmas touch. Flower Girl and niece Jennifer Porter helps out by hanging red, silver ribbons on the holly stairway. The initial S. K. ribbons decorate the church too. The phone rings, Sarah’s dad gets it, Sarah's brother Darell is on the line. Jennifer now sees Kyle, he holds a gift. The warm, fabulous smile shows how he feels.

"Jennifer, you look so pretty! Can you give this to Sarah? Say that I can’t wait to see her at the church!" Jennifer reaches for it.

"Sure Kyle. You don’t look one bit nervous, that’s cool!" Kyle glances at the red ribbons on the stairway. He chuckles with a grin.

"It’s the merriest Christmas! I’m marrying the woman I love, why be nervous!" Jennifer understands, she runs up the stairs. She wonderfully shouts.

"Aunt Sarah, this gift is from Kyle, he can’t wait to see you at the church. He looks awesome!" The girls laugh. Smiling Sarah now sits down to unwrap the gift. Mom is close, Jennifer deeply stares.

"Is this a Christmas gift?"  Jennifer loudly asks. Grateful Sarah sees pearl earings. She is grinning from ear to ear.Thoughts from the past now comes to mind. Sarah thinks of University days when she wore dangling banana earings, something different but very cute. Sarah remembers Mrs. Thomas, biology professor who loved to wear sparkled star earings. Reality now returns.

"Look everyone, Kyle bought me gorgeous earings!" Now,  curious Jennifer sees a note, another gift in the bottom of the box. The girls are admiring the earings, Sarah anxiously puts them on. Jennifer boldly calls out.

"Auntie, you have this note and a gift!" Sarah reads it, Kyle had forgotten to give this last night, the other gift is a special keepsake. While thinking of the cufflinks Sarah gave to Kyle, she rips the paper from the box. She happily sighs at a glittery charm, a Christmas tree with two doves. She now reads the engraving.

"A Christmas Eve Wedding, Sarah and Kyle, Love Always!" Sarah’s mom sheds a few tears. Jennifer gets closer, she touches Sarah's bracelet. A certain charm catches her eyes, it's the heart one. Earlier, she made Sarah a colourful wedding card with a lacy heart. In big letters, Sarah and Kyle written in the middle. Jennifer now notices the charm closely.

"Oh, this is a locket charm, beautiful! What's inside Auntie?" Jennifer is excited. Sarah loves this great wonder, she gazes.

"Open it, you will be surprised!" Jennifer now sees a red heart shaped button. Sarah tells Jennifer about it, a tiny reminder of the night she had met Kyle. Now, content Jennifer looks at the new charm. Suddenly, she has a terrific idea. Quickly, she dashes then returns to Sarah with the biggest smile. All eyes are on Jennifer who is a sweet little darling.

"Here’s a ribbon, tie the charm to your bracelet, the red is for all the love!  I heard, a new charm is good luck!" Sarah is touched as she kisses her adorable niece. This is one delighted time, Sarah will never forget this thrill, special bedroom chat. She realizes that family is very important, comforting treasure. Sarah's dad enters, he doesn't speak but his look is warmly sincere, anxious to soon walk down the aisle with his lovely daughter. He proudly winks. Aunt Nellie gently hugs Sarah. She thinks of her husband.

"How I wish that Graham could see all this! He will have to stay a little longer at the hospital but he sends his love for you and Kyle." Sarah understands with a nod. Nellie turns to help tie the charm to the bracelet. It definitely looks so pretty, the red ribbon stands out. Now, they hear the doorbell, the photographer is here. Jennifer is happy to help out,Sarah glows, this evening is truly precious. Everything sparkles, along with family, friends smiles,brightest true love for Sarah and Kyle and yes, the new Christmas charm.

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