Smiles and Comfort

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We must always remember the good in people, so important!

Submitted: July 14, 2011

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



Smiles and Comfort


This early June morning, April Gatton is frantically looking for the blue invitation card. April’s friend Lorraine is having a party for her dad’s seventieth birthday. Puzzled April held it last night when she was on the phone with Aunt Mabel. April’s husband Peter and children, Stephanie, Jennifer, Nick look around the house. In the den, they soon find candies, a notebook, markers, hair clips, game board pieces but no card. Their dog, Keys calmly watches.

Now, the phone rings, April answers. It’s neighbour Diane who is calling for a drive to work. Diane cleverly solves the invitation card whereabout. She simply asks what April was doing last night besides talking on the phone. April munched on a few wafer biscuits and she could have left the card in the cupboard. Instantly, April sighs, she eagerly turns to that cupboard. There, next to the peanut butter and the biscuit package, the blue invitation card surely stands out. The adorable chuckle from April is precious. Peter and the kids delightfully laugh, this is a special morning. April is all smiles, she finds out the party is Friday evening. She places the card on a fridge magnet. As April now reaches for the cereal boxes, she is so content thinking of helpful Diane. This is certainly a bright, memorable subject for work, Clear Vase Women’s Magazine. April will happily bring it up at the nine thirty meeting.

Before heading to the office, April drives Diane to work then April stops at the dry cleaners. She has a quick chat with friend, Mrs. Doyle. She warmly mentions the special tribute to long time mailman Will Morley, there will be a memorial golf tournament today at one. Will loved to golf, he also enjoyed telling stories, making crafts with children in the hospital. Will sadly became sick with pneumonia, he passed away last month. Mrs. Doyle now has a big sigh.

"The weather never bothered Will, a tough, daily trooper. He will be sadly missed especially those sick children who had depended on him for smiles, comfort." April truly likes the line, depended on him for smiles and comfort. She wonders.

At the nine thirty meeting, April tells about Will Morley, sincere love, patience for children. April’s boss gives permission to write an article, Smiles and Comfort. Now, April anxiously starts by chatting with the nurses in the children’s ward. Five nurses along with wheelchair children will see some of the golf tournament. One cancer patient, Melissa Carter, age ten has a box of decorations made from Will and the children. She truly tells April how sweet, lovable Will was to patients, nurses.

"The happiness in your heart should be shown and that’s why Will was special, he believed in showing off happiness, love. Near the golf course, there’s a blue fir tree he had talked about and these flags, happy faces, picture sunflowers and bird ornaments should be hung on that tree. We want to show our happiness and love!" April is wonderfully touched, she stares.

"I didn’t know Will, but I’ve heard he was an angel. Today, I will help decorate that tree just for Will. His family, friends can cherish the heartfelt message. Good things should be celebrated, spread joy around to remember!" She gently rubs Melissa’s arm. A comforting friendship has been made. Excited April now calls Aunt Mabel, she is one to start a needed roar.

Later on, it seems Christmas had come in June, the blue fir tree glowed with beautiful, special decorations. Aunt Mabel is a gem, she called for a ladder. Later, April couldn’t stop the tears, she is thrilled to see Peter and the kids. They gaze at the tree’s magical warmth, Will’s character and the children sparkle for all to see and feel. Pictures, videos make lasting memories. The best part of the afternoon is knowing that the sick children are happy, they are deeply satisfied. Good news, Will's niece, Julie Sands lovingly takes over for the children. April felt honoured when Melissa gave her a sunset bookmarker as a reminder of Will. April treasures this handmade keepsake.

In the evening, April and the family enjoy a backyard party. They love their favourite dessert, lemon meringue pie. Stephanie danced, Jennifer sang and Nick played his clarinet for Mom. Jennifer suddenly taps her dad’s arm.

"Ah, is it time for Mom’s surprise now?" April blushes as she contentedly pats Keys. Peter nods yes, he whispers.

"What’s going on, you have a surprise?" Moments after, Peter and the children have gifts. April is stunned, Peter smiles.

"Well, you’ve mentioned how Will showed his happiness, love, so we felt this is important just for you!" April is very surprised as she opens the box to see a pretty heart flag with the inscription, Mom is our warmest sunshine! She is so grateful, she will proudly hang this at the front door. Stephanie calls out.

"Another gift Mom, especially for you!" Tickled April is beaming to see a gorgeous rose broach that she will wear for the party Friday. The third present is neatly wrapped by Nick.

"Oh, I picked out the swan paper too." April sees a book and the title, Oh, you’ll always find something in the cupboard! April’s giggle is perfect and so is the bookmarker. She is happy, thinking of the loving, special words, Smiles, Comfort. Now, April tenderly hugs Peter and the children. Today has surely been uniquely joyous, heartfelt and so unforgettable.

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