Valentine Vincey, Red Confetti

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well, February is beautiful not just because of the snow, peaceful time but the warm awesome day set for love, Sweethearts!!

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



Valentine Vincey, Red Confetti

As I walk in the deep snow, I gaze at the trees

What a gorgeous view, soft Winter can please

Now I feel the urge to dance, yes dance away!

Here in my snowfilled yard, this beauty makes my day



Oh, I remember those youth days making snow angels delight

So much fun of feeling free, sweet moment, fresh love alright

I would lie in the snow, just stare at the never ending sky

This is happiness, memory rich with the warmest sigh



I can always go there in my mind, Valentine was perfect glee

Too young but not still, pour red confetti on my sled, all over me!!

Now, it's different, I have peace of mind, love of family ah, tenderly


Oh, something romantic, a couple outdoors they're finely dressed, I see Her in a red velvet gown, coat and Him, black tuxedo, they dance to keep warm!!

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