Wondering, What is Time?

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There are so many things that make up that special word, Time!

Submitted: February 16, 2011

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Submitted: February 16, 2011



Wondering, What is Time?

Time is so precious, more than a soft, tick tock

It’s special moments, all the sweetest memories unlock

Oh, the joy of birth, school days, season concert fun

Great rewarding Time, a happy face bright like the sun


Graduation, weddings and family celebrates a big event

Thank heavens for cameras, cherish Time, warmly spent


But there are dismally sad Times that even make you cry

Comforting the hurt, sick, ease the sorrow of ones who die

Time is day, night and surprises that brightens up our way

Life, a Timely calendar of love, laughter at work and play


So swiftly, Time runs on past, present and future phases

You show your age, things change but resist trapped mazes

Be free with dreams, explore life with a strong heart, mind

Live each day fully because Time is now, one perfect find!!

Everyone will go through happy, sad Times and dearest, glowing joy as a parent, grandparent! It’s about love, to grow, learn, enjoy, play, work, help, build, celebrate, cope, miss, hurt, mend, enjoy, retire, age,stricken with illness, Death.

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