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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
If you have a problem with violence then don't read this. For the rest of you kiblets, enjoy. :)

Submitted: December 30, 2014

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Submitted: December 30, 2014




Carolyn sat on the jagged, wooden chair located at the back of the smoke- filled bar. She heard laughter, cheering, and the clinking of glasses. It seemed as if everyone in the room was happy, the total opposite of what she was feeling at the moment. Carolyn reached into her jacket pocket a took out a box labeled, Camel. She took out a cigarette and lit it up, sighing, and thought back to about 3 hours before. When her world was sill flying and hadn't crash landed.

Her life was good, great in fact. She had a loving boyfriend of 3 years, whom she was sure was going to propose that night. Jim had been speaking of marriage lately and he had told her himself that she was the light of his life and wanted to spend the rest of his life wtih her. And the week earlier, he had taken her to a ring shop, and together they had looked at all the beautiful rings. There was this one ring had caught her eye in specific. It was a gold ring with emeralds and diamonds encrusted in the spiral design. It was the most beautiful article of jewlery she had every laid her eyes upon. And before they had left, Jim had told her to go wait outside for him while he spoke to the merchandise man behind the counter, who he claimed was his old buddy, Jonathan, from high school. She had left the store with a curious expession touching her almost flawless features. But, as she left, she had seen Jim talking to "Jonathan" and handing him his credit card and Jonathan handing Jim a small velevet box. Jim quickly shoved the box in his pants pocket and retrieved his credit card back from the man. Just before he saw her peeping, Carolyn had turned around and ran back outside from her hiding place. Smoothing out her clothes to look less suspicious. Jim had come out, the genuine smile she had learned to love over time, dancing on his lips.

"M'lady? Shall we?" Jim asked, offering her his arm, like the gentleman he was. Carolyn too smiled, and gladly accepted his arm and linked her arm in his, pretending to not have seen anything that she had just witnessed. She wanted him to ask her the traditional way, Carolyn wanted the moment to be perfect. And it would be perfect. 

So when her told her that he had reservated a table at her favourite restaurant, and wanted to have dinner with her to tell her something extreemely important, Carolyn's heart was flying and she was sure she were close to heaven. In her case, heaven was wherever she was, it didn't matter where, as long as she was with Jim and she was sharing his last name. 

The day of the date, she had gone shopping earlier in the morning to buy herself a new outfit for that special night. She had gotten herself this beautiful red dress that brandished her dark brown eyes. The dress had fit her perfectly, as if the dress had been made for her and the angels in the heavens above had skillfully handcrafted and weaved it themselves. The dress had showed off her curvy yet slender figure. When checking herself out in the mirror, she smiled and thanked Fabio, her personal trainer, for all of his help in making her look sexy. Tonight is going to be perfect. No it will be perfect. Nothing could go wrong, and nothing would. She thought to herself. 

That is, until at the fancy 5 star restaurant, Jim had told her that she was too low for him, and he needed someone that hadn't dropped out of college when studying fashion design. She told him that just because his mother was the head of the most successful lawyer firm in the state and his father was the Senator of the state did not mean that he could not get married with her. Jim didn't care, he told her that his reputation meant more to him than his love life. Even if it meant marrying someone yet had a masters in college. Carolyn was in tears, crying because she knew that was Jim's weakness towards her. Carolyn was hoping to make him change his mind or tell her that he was pranking her. She yelled at Jim, telling him that she couldn't believe that she had fallen for a fake like him. 

However, her pleads and tears did not phase him, in fact, Jim had laughed in her face. He laughted at her, clutching his stomach and doubling over in pure hilaiousness. Carolyn could still remember how his cruel and evil laughter sounded. His laughter sounded as if he was choking on his own words and the low oxygen intake he was taking in. He pointed at her, humiliating her. Making it seem as if she had just told him a spontanious joke. When he had collected himself he sat up straight in his chair wiping a tear of joy from his eye and looked at her with a rude teasing look in his eyes. 

"Darling," he drawled out, "you really had me going there, you actually believed that I, the son of the very important leader in politics and son of a prestigious leader would propose, and later on marry a woman of your kind and social staus?" Carolyn grimaced at the use of his taunting words, using her own words against her. "My dear!" He exclaimed, "You had to be joking!" Carolyn then ran out of the restaurant, (very impressive I must add, she was wearing 6 inch heels, that takes years of practice) tears running down her sunkissed face. Laughter trailed behind her, she could already imagine the traunting smirk on his face, "Don't worry love, I'll get the check!" 

Now here she was, inhaling the fumes of the dreadfull white stick of paper that could potentially end her life (message recieved, don't smoke cigarettes kids). Carolyn lowered her head into her hand, scratching her scalp with her left index finger. What would become of her now? She had nothing. All of her life revolved around her precious Jim. She had no friends to depend on, and she had left her family for Jim. It seemed as if Jim had blocked her from any socialization. This mae her weep even harder, thankfully, her pathetic sobs were quiet. How could she have been so stupid? How could she have not seen this comming? How come she didn't plan for this, she was always prepared. And so, what would become of her? Where would she go? What would she do? She had no money and all of her belongings had stayed at Jim's flat, and she could never go back. She never wanted to see the face of the man that had so evilly took advantage of her feelings and controlled her life. She did not want to see the tauting look in his eyes, she never wanted to see the playful smirk on his lips. She never wanted to see him. She wanted to erase his image from her mind. If only she could burn it away with a lighter. If only life were that easy. 

Across the bar, a tall man dressed in a black leather jacket and hand shoved in his right pocket was leaning against the wall, very most casually. Unbeknownst to Carolyn, the man was sneaking glances at her. About 5 long minutes later, the dark haired man walked towards the weaping beauty, a very special shiny object in his jacket. When he stood in front of her, her gently placed his palm at the bottom of her chin and they stayed like that for a few moments. 

"Chin up deary," he spoke finally, gently lifing her chin up for her to meet his eyes. When Carolyn's chocolate eyes met his warm obsidian coloured eyes Carolyn nearly melted in her seat. He was strikingly handsome. The man had a pale yet glowing complexion and the perfect jawline, high cheekbones and everything. It was as if this man were truly the man of her dreams, the perfect man she had created when she was a hormonal teenager. She was suprised that such a handsome person were speaking to her and not to the other sensual woman dancing together on the dancefloor. The man and Carolyn had talked for a while, apppreaciating eachother's company. If a bystander were to glance in their direction, they would've seen two longtime life friends having a chat and reminiscing over the good times of their lives.

When the man had fully gained her trust, he had persuaded her to follow him to a safe place. Carolyn was desperate for company as any other woman were to be in her situation, especially be one as dashing as he, and so she quickly gave into his charm and accepted his offer and quickly followed him to the empty alleyway. 

The man smiled, loving the feeling that was rushing through his veins, and the thrill of what was going to happen next sent exhilerating chills down his spine. Meanwhile, Carolyn was feeling a bit better, perhaps the worst had came and left. She was with a good-looking man that she knew was going to ask her out. She looked up into the dark sky and at the moon that was lighting up buildings around her, as if she were in the spotlight. The curves of her mouth lifted into a soft smile. Everything was going to be okay, this would be a new start for her. And this time she would be prepared, tomorrow, she would phone her mother and tell her what had happened. She knew her mother would understand. And with this man, would help her and be a supportive friend, maybe even more. Oh, how dreadfully wrong she was. 

Suddenly, the dark haired man's hands shot out and grabbed the woman by the throat, squeezing with all of his might. His own lips curve into a cruel and sinister smile. Carolyn frantically panicked, and struggled against his solid tight grip. The lack of oxygen caused tears to spring into her red rimmed eyes and cause the veins of her eyesballs the pulse dangerously, as if they were to explode. She grabbed at his hands and tried to pry them off her neck, scratching him and leaving temporary scars and open wounds in the process, but it was no use. The man smiled even wider, his eyes traveling up and down her struggling body in a maniac matter. He then released her when her brown eyes looked as if they were close to popping out of their sockets. 

He threw her upon the floor and started to kick her stomach, blood immediately gushing out of her mouth. She didn't even get the chance to breathe. The tears had came out, like water works and she was choking on the substance of her clood mixed with tears. She weakly looked up at him when he stopped kicking. She hoped he would leave, that he was satisfied with her and leave her alone. She curled into a ball and hoped that somehow, someone would come and save her. She wouldn't even mind if it were the devil himelf. Anyone,  anyone that would save her, but.... anyone but Jim. The thought of her ex- boyfriend made the tears come out faster, in larger quantities and this time, the sobs were loud, and they shook her body violently. 

The man stood above her, rolling his eyes at her display weakness, he took out the special shiny object that was hinding in his jacket pocket. It was a beauty, a silver shiny knife that glistened in the light of the moon and the light coming from the street lamp. The man stopped for a few seconds, admiring the weapon in his hands, his section 8* grin widenening even more, if possible. His eyes reverted from the knife to Carolyn's weak shivering body on the cold cement ground. 

The man then brought the knife down slowly and tauntingly, down to her face and gently trailed it against her bruised neck. He growled lowly and quietly, Carolyn almost missed the strange sound, which in her opinion, sounded aroused and made her ears redden. The man opened his mouth, as if to speak to her. 

"Go to slleeepppp....." he whispered an cooed to her, looking like the complete psycho maniac killer he was. He let his deep and alluring voice be carried off into the wind down to her sweaty and red ears. 

He then rose the knife dramatically over his head, Carolyn flinched out of reflex, and the man striked her in the chest repeatedly, never missing her heart. Forever mutlilating her. And just before that happened, the moment she flinched, one thought had made it through her mind. He didn't even tell me his name....... 


The next morning, a young man in his mid twenties dressed in UPS delivery uniform (the brown shirt and shorts) walked towards an apartment building with a box package in hand. He whistled as he walked into the lobby thanking the door man for opening the door, and doing his job correctly. The delivery man kept on whistling only stopping to ask the pretty lady at the front desk a question. "I have a package adressed to Jim Anderson. Would you mind telling me where his room is at?" The lady at the front desk fixed her name tag, checked the system through her computer, and replied. "Sure cutie, that'd be room 206 on the 4th floor." The delivery man's eyes widened a bit as he switched arms he was holding the box in trying to show off his muscles, "Room 206?" The woman at the front desk- let's call her Kaitlyn- signed and gave him a reasuring smile, "yeah, we're a pretty big hotel." The delivery man- let's call him Gregory- smiled back at the woman, "Might as well get started now, where are the elevators miss?" Kaitlyn pointed to her left, right next to the desk was an opening leading to the elevators, "Over there." Gregory smiled and winked at her saying, "Thanks." And left towards the elevators. Once in the elevators, he pushed to button to the fourth level and waited for the all too familiar sound of a ding. As he walked out, he quickly helped an elderly woman into the elevator and stepped out, giving a quick goodbye to the woman and the woman smiled and thanked him. Gregory started to whistle again as he walked down the hall looking for the numbers 206.

Gregory turned the corner and once he saw it, he halted at the foot of a white door labeled 206. Gregory nocked on the door and waited a few moments before a shirtless man wearing sweatpants holding a mug of coffee opened the door. "Yes?" He asked. "Are you Jim Anderson?" Gregory asked, Jim nodded, "Yes." Gregory held up the brown box labeled with Jim's name, "I've got a package for you, just sign here," he said, giving Jim the roster. Jim quickly signed it and took the package. "Have a great day sir," Gregory told Jim as he left. Jim just grunted and entered his flat in confusion. He hadn't ordered anything... oh, maybe Carolyn did. At the thought of his ex's name he let out a chuckle and smiled, "I had her going for quite a while." He sighed, "Oh well, time open up the package. But first, I will pour myself a cup of coffee. I'm in no rush at all today." He smiled and poured himself a cup of coffee and then prepared his drink just how he liked it. A few minutes later, he turned to open the box and noticed how dirty smelling his flat became. He scrunched his nose up in discust. "Well, I'll get to that later, time for package opening." He placed his coffee on the table and extended his arms to reach for the package to open it. He then remembered that he would need his knife to open it up so he went back to his kitchen to retrieve one. When he came back to the table, he cut the tape apart and lifted the flaps of the cartboard box, and his eyes grew to the size of saucers. 

Just before Jim opened the package and had been making his coffee, Gregory was downstairs flirting with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was writing down her number on his arm with black pen when Jim opened the flaps of the package. And when Jim's eyes went wide, Kaitlyn and Gregory were saying their goodbyes. And when they hugged, they heard a LOUD SCREAM that sounded masculine. The scream was heard all throughout the building and all the peope in the 562 rooms occupying the building heard the scream and opened their doors, curious to where the scream came from. 

And as for the rooms next to Jim's flat, the people living in there looked at eachother and noticed that Jim was the only one missing. And in an instant, all the neighbors quickly rushed to Jim's door, alarmed and worried. When they all heard loud nervewrecking sobs and cries from the inside, the people barged at the door until someone managed to bust it open. 

Then and there, next to the table was Jim on the floor, clutching something in his arms, crying and rocking cradling the round object in his arms back and forth, throw up all around him. A man with a black handlebar mustash, Mr.Williams from room 207, carefully stepped around the vomit on the floor to stand in front of Jim. "Jim, son, are you alright?" He asked gently. Jim ignored him and kept rocking back and forth on the floor, still cradling the object in his arms. Mr.Williams motioned Mr.Quinn from room 204 and Mr.Kelley from room 208 towards him. "Help me pick him up," he told them. The men too, carefully transitioned themselves from their wives and stepped around the vomit on the floor. They took Jim by the arms and lifted him up to his feet, the round object in his hands rolling onto the floor. Mr.Williams caught the sight of the object on the floor, he cried out in shock, "Holy mother of GOD!!!" 

When the people at the door peered in nosily and saw the object on the floor, the women screamed, the children cried and men either caught their wives when they fainted or cried into their arms, or looked at the scene upon them with wide shocked eyes. There was this one woman that quickly phoned the police (just like handebar mushtash said) and explained the situation while trying not to bawl her eyes out. She was probably the most responsible of them all. 

And then and there, on the floor, was the decapitated head of Carolyn Yasmine Johnson, staring up at all the people in the doorway with unblinking blinding glassy white eyes and a pale blue face with bruises covering her neck.


1: Section 8 as in maniac. 

© Copyright 2020 Gloria Scott. All rights reserved.

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