Module Notes I

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
I'm trying to build my first module using the NWN2 toolset. This is the brainstorm in writing.

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012




  • Use NTBs Hills and Valleys
  • Remember to credit nicethugbert



  • Have so many re-textures that I don't know who to credit
  • Darn
  • Something to look into
  • glee is one to credit
  • Eressil
  • Briesence


The Tien Len:

  1. The Reaver, Niara Forene -- found in Larua, Fey
  2. The Doubter, Dubhshlan Polarisera -- found in Ausra, Fey
  3. The Bleeding Heart, Sevan Aktivere -- found in Elilenti, Graven
  4. The Imprecator, Aakav Rajata -- found in Vitham, Graven
  5. The Traitor, Aine Bemyndige -- RIP, Ertragen's wife
  6. The Ferryman, Yhdenvertaisuus Gestalten -- found in Drasil, Fey
  7. The Thief, Vireessa Bahnen -- found in Kwenon, human, first victim of Spero
  8. The Prisoner, Rastin Sovittaa -- found in Cwalu, human
  9. The Nightmare, Aikomus Varahtely -- found in Bremya, Graven
  10. The Corpse, Ilmenemisuoto Makellos -- found in Garhati, Graven
  11. The Spy, Vimukti Ristikuva -- found in Liaupse, human
  12. The Berserker, Samarbejde Dedikere -- found in Therxold, human
  13. The Necromancer, Olemus Ertragen -- in stasis, Spero's master, Aine's husband


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