Gob's Life Story

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Gob's action packed adventure story.

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Hello, my name is Dom but some people call me Gob. It all started about 98 years ago when I was born into this earth by my gob mom and my gob dad September 1st 1915. Gob's live in underground tunnels. My adventure began when I was about .2 years old (2 human years). My gob claws had just grown in and I just started to learn digging. I had become very good friends with two other gobs in digging class, their names were Gremald and Garen. As we grew up we had done everything together. When I was .4 years old I was assigned to dig a long tunnel at the very bottom of my gob colony to make more homes for us gobs. I had started to dig and as I was digging I noticed that the dirt was getting easier and more moist to but continued to dig anyways. Then, out of nowhere a hole blew open and water shot out flooding the whole bottom tunnel. When all the water shot out it had hit me and knocked me unconscious. When I awoke, I had been strapped to the punishing chair (a chair where gobbie's would be hurt and punished) and here before me was the top master and my instructor. The master and the instructor both had a small stick in their hands. At this point I knew what was going to happen, so I just sat there and took it like a real gob.The leader and the instructor started to repeatedly hit my claws with the sticks and then smashed my hands and feet with big rocks. After they were done hitting me they made me walk ten laps around every floor in the colony. After my punishment was over I was never the same gob again from that day on. I was worse. I would try to be a dick to the leader and the instructor every chance I could get. A couple years later when I was about .6 years old I had got in trouble for no reason. So I had to get the leader back for it. So what I did was attach some vines, rocks, and sticks together and stuck them firmly into the ground. Feeding the vine through the floor and the roof of the floor beneath it so that the vines would just barely hang out. I tried to convince Gremald to do it with me but he said no and so I asked Garen but he was too much of a pussy so I decided I would do it myself. The next day during digging I spat at one of the gob guards and got him to chase me. As he ran after me I pulled the vines that I had set up the other day with all my strength and then ran as fast as my gobbie legs could take me. As I was running I could see the roof collapsing on the guard while destroying some of the colony. I was a proud gob that moment. Then as I turned around I could smell the smell of an old gob and old gob breath. It was the gobbie leader. He and my instructor dragged me by my gob tail to the punishment chair and did as they had done last time. But, this time I didn't feel a thing. So I went to bed after the punishment was done. A couple years later my gobbie group had went on a trip to the top tunnel (the tunnel that is directly under the grass and plants). As we were walking I slowly slipped away from the group. As I was exploring the top tunnel I came across an old dusty room. I decided to have a look and smell inside. When I went inside the room noticed a root hanging from the roof. So then I jumped up and pulled it lower. First I sniffed it, then I licked it, and then finally I started sucking all the juices and nutrients out of it. I thought it tasted so good that I started to tug on it to get more juice. As was doing this I didn't notice the gobbie guard coming toward me. The gobbie guard jumped at me hoping to grab me but I quickly dodged his arm's and then started climbing up the wall (using my gobbie claws). I stayed up on the wall for a while until he grabbed a stick and started to poke me. I had fell off the wall into an empty barrel while still holding the root. Then, all of a sudden the whole roof collapsed over top of us, but luckily the barrel had sheltered me. So I crawled out and ran as fast as my gobbie legs could take me, hoping to meet up with the group of gob's. As I was running I almost ran into my gobbie dad but quickly jumped into a closet. I ended up hitting something and making a loud noise. He then walked over to where I was and sighed as if he didn't see me even though I was in plain sight. After he left I quickly ran back to the gobbie group. The following week the had cleared out the collapsed room and closed it off (luckily the gobbie guard didn't remember the gob who collapsed it). I told my gobbie friends Garen and Gremald what had happened. Garen being clever came up with an idea. We would build secret tunnels to the closed off room. It would be a secret gob room. Over the course of the next few weeks we had done just that. We built the tunnels to the room and made the room to fit our gobbie standards. We had thought that no one else would know about it. Over the next few years we had went up there to get drunk (gob alcohol is what ever liquids we can squeeze out of the dirt, such as feces, urine, blood, water, and etc). When I was about 1.2 years old I hadn't seen Garen for a while so I started to worry. I had been asking all the other gob's if they had seen him. They had all told me was that he was going to die if he kept doing what he was doing. At that point I was starting to get annoyed. I went straight to the leaders room despite the fact that I want to cut his balls off, feed them to the rayken's, hollow his body out and use his insides to make gobbie soup, fill the hollow body with the instructors ground up insides, and then repeatedly stab him. Despite all of that I went to him to find Garen.When I had reached the piece of bark (his door) I could hear noises coming from inside. I could barely recognize the voices and then clued in. It was Garen! I ran in with my gobbie arms flying expecting a fight. But that's not what I found. What I found was Garen mating with the gobbie leaders daughter. This was bad because only the gobbie leader is supposed to mate with his daughter and or offspring to assure that their baby gob's are pure royal gob blood. Garen and the leaders daughter had seen me but they didn't know what to do. The leaders daughter ran as fast as her naked gobbie legs could take her and Garen just looked at me with terror. I started to talk to him to calm him down. We had agreed that it never happened as long as it didn't happen again. The next morning Garen was quiet and had barely talked anymore. A week later he had mated with her again, but this time the leader had caught him. The leader couldn't do anything until they were done because that was gobbie rule #1. He sat outside his house knowing his daughter was being banged by Garen. Later, I heard a lot of yelling. I could hear Garen's gobbie skin being smacked and a chair being buckled up for punishment. Garen was never the same after that. In fact, I haven't talked to him since then. The leader found out I had known about Garen and his daughter so he was now officially out to get me. An innocent little cute gob like me. I figured it was only a matter of time until I was kicked out of the colony. I decided I would go out with a bang. A really big bang. So I started planning my devious plan over the next few months. I had to be careful not to step out of line so I wouldn't be kicked out early. September 18th I had said my goodbyes to everyone. The following morning I made sure everything was ready to go. Our gobbie group was going on a trip to the very bottom floor to see the nursery that morning. So what I did was punch the instructor directly in his testicles along with five other gobbie guards in order to get their attention. I then smacked the gobbie leader in the face and said "Ugly gob". He was outraged and started to chase me, along with four-teen other gobbie guards and the instructor. As they were all chasing me they didn't notice that we were heading for the secret gobbie place. When we reached there, there was a large vine with hundreds of other vines connecting to it. As they looked at it I laughed a gobbie laugh and pulled it as hard as I could. The entire colony almost collapsed. The working tunnels were destroyed and all that was left was the nursery and a few homes. I dug out of the colony with a gobbie grin. When I reached the over world I ended up at The Big Apple, It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I then started to walk around the neighbourhood and seen a little girl who must have been about six. I must have been about the same height as her. I noticed she had a salmon sandwich. I went to her and asked for some. She seemed nervous as she was staring at my sharp gobbie claws. She nervously pulled off a small chunk. As she was reaching out to give me it, I quickly snatched the whole sandwich from her other hand and ran off. I then came across another little girl about the same age. I approached him. He jumped on me and bit my finger. I ripped his face off with my razor gobbie claws, threw him in the nearest ditch and walked away. Then I came across another little girl on a swing who was a little younger. Maybe four. I approached her cautiously. She had started to pet my head and feed me grass. It was suprisingly delicious. From that day we had met everyday and she would pet me and feed me. It then it started to get colder so she the snuck me into her home and stowed me away in the basement for the winter. Once spring came I ran away. I started to wander around and found Gremald. We had talked and apparently he had banged the leaders daughter for the third time and got kicked out right after I ran away. We started to wander and we found a gobbie dug tunnel. We explored the tunnel and it seemed to be deserted. We started to get tired. It had been almost a day of walking and then all of a sudden we heard chattering. we thought it was gob's trying to scare us. But they weren't gob's. they were real live rayken's!. Raykens are gob's worst enemy. They must of eaten the gob's inhabiting the tunnel. As we got closer we saw the raykens black masks. We quickly climbed to the ceiling and ran as fast as we could to the exit. I was a little bit ahead of Gremald and then suddenly I heard dirt fall. I looked back to see Gremald blocked by the fallen dirt. I tried to dig out the blocked tunnel. All of a sudden I heard Gremald screaming. I had known the rayken's were ripping his limbs off piece by piece. I started to run as fast as my gobbie legs could take me. Eventually they were gone and I could no longer hear the rayken screeching. I was alone, scared,and weak from running for so long. By that time I could see light down the tunnel and gob's chattering. I was at an entrance of a gob colony. These gobs had patches of blue on them and round ears. These were the elite gob's. These gob's are extremely stealthy and can even swim! Large packs of these gobs would be able to kill anything in their path (except the extremely deadly raykens). These gobs had survived the invasion of the raykens on the other half of the colony. I headed straight to the gobbie leader of the colony and asked if I could join. He made me go through some physical exercise and stealth tests. I got in fairly quickly considering I have supernatural like gob skills. I had stayed at the colony for a couple years until I was 3. I then left the colony with all new stealth and fighting skills. I started to wander the over world until I had reached what I thought was the edge of the earth. A huge boat (maybe the size of the Titanic) was floating on the water. At first I didn't know what it was but I decided to sneak in it anyways. I hid I the cellar for most of the ride. I was surviving off rat's, mice, bugs, you name it. Every now and then nibbling on the sailors toes at night (us gob's love human toes). When the boat had finally hit land we were in Germany. I quickly got off and decided to go to the nearest pub. I convinced the bartender to let me drink by pretending I was a very ugly old man. The next morning I had woke up in a hotel room with a random woman that I didn't know. All of a sudden an angry, fat, old, bearded, half drunk man with a samurai sword kicked the door down and yelled "I'm going to kill you!!!!!....!!!...". He ran at me swinging the sword. I dodged it with my incredible reflexes and ran around trying not to die. I then knocked the sword out of his hand with my fierce gobbie claws, scratched his face a few times, and clawed at his stomach. As he started to bleed out and fell to the floor I ran as fast as my stubby gobbie legs could take me. I suddenly came across an area full of mud, blood, sharp metal wires, and dead people. There was a loud boom and then an explosion happened that tossed around like a rag-gob. I quickly dug a hole and hid inside. As bullets were flying above me, explosions to the left and right. I just stayed in that hole waiting for it to end. Every time someone would come too close I would bite them as hard as I could. When the smoke cleared after about 6 hours, I quickly ran as fast as my gobbie legs could take me. I then seen a boat that was about to leave. So I swam and swam as fast as my gobbie body could take me. I finally reached the boat and dug my claws into it as hard as I could and climbed up onto the poopdeck. I found the nearest barrel and hopped inside. I was safe. I hid on that boat for what seemed years. Not daring to move. I was starving so every night I would bite a tiny nibble off boat crew while they slept. Finally, we had reached shore. I quickly ran to the land to find some real food. I looked all around and the best place I could find was a small home that gave free food to the needy. When I got the doorstep an old lady with big glasses came out and looked at me. She said "Well hello there little girl, what is your name?". I said "My name is Gob". They said "Well hello there Dom" (they must have misheard) then handed me a bun and a raw potato. I then kicked the old lady in the shin and took all her food and small metal coins. Within a few hours the police were chasing me on horses. I ran to the nearest hole (this hole had a big heavy lid over it). I crawled down and when I got to the bottom there was many intersecting tunnels with dark brown-yellowish water with small tiny logs of mud floating in it. I was covered the mud but I had to start to run as fast as my muddy gobbie legs could take me. When I knew I was safe I tried some of the water and ended up puking all my inside organs out. I had to push them back into my body. After that I walked it off and got out of those tunnels as soon as possible. When I got out I was really tired so I went looking for somewhere to stay until I was at a big building called a pound. They took me in and I stayed there for several years hoping to find a good place to live. Every time someone would see me they would look terrified as if I was a creature of some sort. Maybe it was my light lime green coloured skin and green eyes and huge claws. This routine was fairly familiar to me now since it has been happening for many years now. When the building finally installed the plumbing they forced me to take a bath. I didn't want to but they forced me anyway. When I got in the water almost all my green colour was gone. All that was left was my green gob eyes. I was so scared of my self that I ran away and just kept running as fast as my pale gobbie legs could take me. I was so terrified of myself and hid from the world. When I was close to starving to death a doctor found me in the alleyway unconscious and took me and fed me. This doctor gave me to a place called an orphanage. Nobody wanted to adopt an ugly gob like me so I ran away again. I came across an old abandoned house and lived there for many years. One day I woke up to big machines doing working on it. I was scared of the noise so I dug a hole big enough to hide in. After a while my claws started to get smaller and smaller until they were gone along with my pointy ears and stubby tail. As the house got better they turned my hole into an inside well. One day a man name Steve and his son Chris had moved into the house and every night I would go nibble on their toes and eat their food but mainly their garbage.One night while I was eating their garbage the little boy named Chris found me. I was so scared and hid behind the lampshade. He told me to not be scared. He said I was cool and he wants to be my friend. Steve and Chris let me stay with them since I had no where to go. Chris became like a brother to me so Steve decided to adopt me. From a gob I was known as Dom Burke but this was just the begging. The End




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