the darkness riss

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A story about a war that happend a long time ago

Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018



At the beginning before time even had a name there was just white. A white void with nothing in it. 
Nothing except energy. This energy eventually created live. A God, this god had the power to create and so he did. He created live out of his own energy, and created the multiverse, but he made one crucial mistake. 
He made Evil. A being whose sole purpose it was to destroy everything. Evil created an army to help him with this goal. As a response the God of the multiverse made an army of his own. 
There fight took long and destroyed worlds, but eventually the God of the multiverse made a brave sacrifice. He banished Evil to be forgotten, and then he died. The multiverse lost its protector. And Evil still had influence in the world, but legend tells of a day that the God of the multiverse would be reborn. Reborn when the multiverse needs him ones more.

“Satan explain to me why we are walking to the deepest debts of hell again.” Death asked. Death was tall and a skeleton. He wore all black and hat a hood over his head. he had a ghost like voice, and of course had his trusty scythe which he called: soul eater.

“ We are here because I feel there is someone down here” Satan explained. Satan was a strong big demon, with black eyes and red skin. He had a giant fire sword which he called: the world burner. 

“Well that’s what I mean we are the only ones able to go down here, it’s too hot for anyone else.” Death explained. Death and Satan arrived on a big open field there was black fire everywhere. The black fire was special, no one new how it got there, but it was extremally hot.

“I told you there was nothing down here.” Said Death while he was sweating more and more. “let’s just leave, its so hot down here I’m sweating and I don’t even have any skin to sweat from.” Death said now slightly annoyed. 

“NO, I know there is something here.” Satan said with a deep and ordering voice. “all right now, I know your insane, if you want to stay down here that’s fine by me, but I’m going!” Death jelled. 

When suddenly a lightning strike stroke one of the flames. The fire went crazy burning, even hotter than before. Then the colour of the flames changed from black to blood red. Finally, a bone chilling laugh was heard and the flames cleared, just as mysteriously as the flames appeared. They vanished into thin air. The only thing left was a small baby. The baby had red eyes with red skin and black hair

“What was that, and who is that.” Death asked. “I have no idea.” Satan Said confused. “But I feel like we need to take care of this kid.” Satan said. “Now this is weird.” Death said.
“What is.” Satan asked. “I have not had any knowledge that a baby had died. Not in my files of today at least. And with that I don’t have any knowledge of a baby that looks like that, living or dead.” Death said even more confused. “We need to discuss this with the other Gods in heaven immediately.” Said Satan.

Satan and death went to the court of all Gods in heaven to discuss the problem. The court was massive, and it needed to be with all the Gods there. “WHAT, HOW DID HE EVEN GET THERE” God, leader of heaven, jelled. God wasn’t even in the room he was too big. The only thing was his voice and his two giant floating hands. 

“We have absolute no idea.” Said Satan and death together. “For the love of me, so a random child just appeared in hell. With no knowledge of him ever dying.” God asked for the third time. “Sounds to me exactly like how a god gets created.” Odin, Father of Gods, said.

“But there has never been a god created in hell before, it’s impossible all Gods are born pure.” said Thor, God of thunder. “What if it’s the enemy that the prophecy tells off.” Said Poseidon, God of the see.

“That is why I have come to all of you, I want that this baby and the God of the multiverse train together.” Satan explained.
“What!” Yelled every God at ones. “What kind of plan is that, making the enemies train together. That is probably one off the most stupid idea’s I have ever heard.” Said God.
“Just let me explain. If we let them train together they might become friends, and the best way to defeat an enemy is by becoming his friend.” Explained Satan.

“So what you’re saying, is that the God of the multiverse might have a good influence on him. And then we won’t have to fight at all.” God asked. “Yes precisely.” Satan said. 
“That might work” Odin said. “Then does everyone agree that this is what we want to do.” God said waiting for a response.

“We agree” most off the Gods said. “Then the court off Gods has agreed. They may train together, on the condition that they are both supervised at all time. To make sure everything Goes well. DISMISSED!” God said and smacked Thor’s hammer on a peddle.

Many years went by and Satan called the boy the God of darkness, and trained him. He became the best in his class. None off the other students could match him. 

“Hah, you have a pathetic balance.” The God of darkness mocked his classmate who was laying on the ground. “Okay who wants to spar with him next.” Their coach said, but everyone stayed silent.

“Hmmm You should stay quite I could beat all off you if I wanted.” The God of darkness mocked. “Okay, you may all go against the God of darkness” the coach agreed. “Finally, a real challenge.” The God of darkness said while grabbing two swords.

“I don’t know what to do Satan.” The head master said about the God of darkness. “He has Beaten everyone, even all at ones. The students are terrified off him, he is at the highest possible education. I think he is done with school, there is nothing else for him to learn.”
“Then there is only one thing we can do.” Satan said. “We will let him train with the God of the dimensions.” “Yes, then that is what we will do.” The head master agreed.

These two Gods grew up to be the best-off friends. They were the top off their class, the best off the best. No one knew who was better they were equal to each other. Then a new God came into their class, Hera the goddess off love. 
The God of darkness and Hera fell in love. When the Gods graduated, the God off darkness became commander off hells army, and the other two were granted seats at the Gods counsel. Everything was going great, but Hera started a campaign to give demons more rights. 

There where Gods who didn’t like this. When the God of darkness turned 1 billion years old (for Gods that’s like becoming 18.) , he married Hera, and where expecting a kid. Then everything changed, when a God off death killed Hera, and the God off darkness was framed for the crime.

“What is the meaning off this!” The God off darkness yelled. “You stand for this court for murdering the goddess Hera.” The judge said. “What! And where is your proof off this insane claim that I murdered my one wife.” “We Will show you.” 

One off the most intense trials had become, and the ending wasn’t good. “God off darkness we find you guilty off this murder” the judge said slamming his hammer. “ha, ha, she was right.” the God off darkness said with a none chilling laugh. “There is no justice for demons. You’re his brother aren’t you? The brother off the God who killed my wife. Because you didn’t agree with her. That was the biggest mistake off your life.” He said while his voice chanced into a deep one. When suddenly he fired two black energy beams from his hands. Beams that killed everyone in the building.

“Aaaaah, I could have never imagined how good this feels. True justice is wonderful, I think I should rule everything maybe then everything will exist in harmony, and I will kill anyone who stands in my way.” the God of darkness said with a terrifying smile on his face. “Now I only need my army on my side.”

“Sir your son has returned, and says he needs to talk to you.” The guard said. “Really, he’s back, did the trial go well?” Satan asked. “He wouldn’t say sir. Well what are you waiting for, let him in already.” Satan commanded.

“Dad how is it going with you” the God off darkness said while walking into the throne room. “Are you alright I assume the trial went while, since you’re happy. Do they know who did it.” Satan asked. “Yes, yes they do. Can I talk to the citizens?” The God of darkness said. “Umm, sure go ahead.” 
The God of darkness stood on the balcony and talked to his people. “My fellow demons, your future queen has been murdered by a God off death.” He began. “She was the only ones standing up for us, and now she’s gone but I know now what she meant. We should be in control, we should be on that throne. Heaven has always decided what is best for hell, but how could they possibly know. I say we go and rule.” The God off darkness said. 
“Son what are you doing.” Satan asked confused. “I’m starting war that’s what I’m doing. I am in commend now.” “This is insane we can talk about this.” Satan said trying to reason with his Son.

“That is all you ever did, talk and look where that has gotten us, nowhere.” Said the God of darkness. “So, you’re just going to destroy everything.” Satan said more desperate.
“And why shouldn’t I, they destroyed everything that I love it’s time I do the same.” The God of darkness finished and walked away. “Don’t let Satan in my way.” He said to the guards and left.

“This is not good, you are certain that it was a God.” God in heaven said, “yes we are pretty shure.” An informer said. “Then we need to find the God of darkness immediately.” God concluded.
When suddenly there was a ton of explosions that shook the castle. “What was that” God said confused when a very wounded solider entered the room. “Hell has just declared war on haven.” The solider said and collapsed on the ground.

“SEND OUT EVERY SOLDIER NOW.” God jelled. “But sir, we have been at peace for millions of years we are not prepared for war.” the commander said who entered the room. “I know but we have no choice now, how much are we outnumber?” God asked. “Um, like with the citizens or without, either way we’re absolutely screwed. They have a gigantic army out there. I am scared just looking out the window.” The commander said when a much bigger explosion on the other site of the city.

“Sir they broke thru our gate.” Said a soldier. “We have to evacuate, the city is lost, we need to fall back and reform. We can’t win this one.” He explained. “He’s right.” Said Freya who just entered the room. “I will hold them off long enough for you to escape.” She said. “No, no I won’t allow that, he will kill you if you stay behind.” God said. “I’m his mother I’m sure he will listen to me, I’m the best bet.” Freya explained. “Now go!” She ordered. 

With an explosion the door to the throne room opened, and the God off darkness steps in with a lot off soldiers. “Hello mom would you be so kind as to tell me were the other Gods went” the God of darkness said, while his soldiers aimed at his mother.

“It’s alright guys she’s on my side, right you are on my side aren’t you.” He said while walking to a window. “Of Course, I am son, but you are killing a lot of innocent people.” Freya said. “Did you just say that because you think I did that. I only kill wo ever stands in my way. Commander how many civilians have we killed.” The God of darkness asked.
“Twenty sir, because they took weapons and shot at us.” The commander said. “Right and how many people live in this city again.” He asked “5 million sir.” The commander replied. “See I’m no killer, now the other Gods on the other hand. Which brings me back to my question, where are they.” He said looking out over his new concord city.
“I, I will not tell.” Freya said. “Now that is unfortunate, Freya turns out you are not on my side after all. I sometimes wonder if you’re really my mom?” He said now more threatening. “Of course, I’m your mom” she said trying to calm her son down.


“Stop! Stop, lying to me I already know the truth! I know that I was born out of fire! I know that I was adopted, and I know that I am the one the prophecy says.” He said while growing angrier. “But I know I know who I am from the prophecy. I am not the destroyer I’m the safer.” He said walking away from the window towards Freya. 

“You, you have never cared, you only did it to win Odin’s respect. You’re just as bad as they are.” He said magical aura coming from his hand. “Please, just stop you can still be good.” Freya prayed.
“It’s too late, I have made my choice.” The God of darkness said, before blasting Freya. In a huge explosion Freya was obliterated. “Now we will continue our conquest and concur other lands.”

That was the beginning of the second multiversal war. This war was worse than the previous one. While most villains sided with the God of darkness. The Hero’s sided with the God of the multiverse. Everyone eventually became involved one way or another. The war was long so long that the newer generations, their parents, their grandparents and even their grand grandparents did not know a world without war. The war took about 1 billion years, until finally there came an end to everything.

“This is it, men, the last stand. We defeat them, or we are all dead” the God of the multiverse jelled when they attacked a planet sized battel station of hell. 

“Sir there here.” An adviser said to the God of darkness. “Good, very good is the God off the multiverse with them?” The god off darkness asked. “Yes sir, He is. Is the machine ready?” The adviser said. “No not jet, were dealing with Some rodents.” He replied.
“Rodents? What kind of rodents?” The adviser asked confused. “Rats” the God off darkness said and shot his adviser dead. “Now that’s done, let’s take care of the other rodents.” He said to himself.

The battlefield was in complete chaos soldiers were running around like headless chickens, but luckily heaven was winning. That changed however when the God of darkness entered the fight.
“We are pushing them back my lord, but they just keep coming.” A soldier said. “Don’t give up we can win.” The God off the multiverse said. When suddenly a creepy laugh was heard from their side. And in a instant all the soldiers around the God of multiverse were impaled on spikes. 

“Ha, ha, finally we meet again” the God of darkness laughed. He had changed his dead red eyes lurking from his black hair. He wore a strong suit of Armor with spikes on his shoulders the Armor was in full black, and he had two swords on his back.

“You will not win, never.” The God off the multiverse said He was wearing a similar Armor, only it was Made from gold. He had only one swords on his back. “We will see about that” the God of darkness said. 

They charged at each other grabbing their swords, who clashed together making sparks fly. The god of darkness was strong trying to overwhelm the God of the multiverse with his two swords. The God of the multiverse used elegant moves and stroke precise, but they were so costumed to each other that no one was able to gain an upper hand. 

Then the God of darkness lost a sword and punched the God of the multiverse in the face making him drop his sword. He quickly regained himself and smacked the sword out of the hands of the God off darkness. 
“I guess we’re fighting with hands now.” The God of darkness said still looking confident. Then they started exchanging punches. And flew up in the air. 

Next, they fired laser beams from their hands at each other. Neither was able to gain the upper hand until the God of the multiverse landed a hit. 

Then he started winning and the God of darkness was just getting beaten. Then the God off the multiverse landed a devastating blow and punched the God of darkness, who flew to a triple reinforced wall, made from the toughest metal you can find, and there he laid against a wall defeated.

*cough* *cough* “ow, he, you’re better than I thought.” The God off darkness laughed. “Give up, you have lost.” The God off the multiverse said.

“No, no I haven’t lost. Didn’t you think I knew that you had a spy in my base. I can smell. Betrayal from ten miles away. I used it to my advantage, I gave him fake information too lead all off you in one place and kill all of you. This however did not happen”. The God of darkness explained. 

“Luckily, I have a backup plan, this space station it’s a self-destruct system. And it’s about to blow.” He said. “Noooo, I have to do something.” The God off the multiverse said frightened. 
“Too late, you should have killed me when you had the chance.” he said and pressed a button on his chest.

The entire ship started to fall apart and the diamond in the centre off the construction started spanning like crazy. 

“I will see you again friend I will return, and when I do darkness shall rise and consume the light. On that day the sun Will set and never rise again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” He laughed when the entire ship blew up taking the entire universe with it. Resetting the live in that universe and erasing the mind off all the others.

This was the end of their universe and the beginning of ours, but for how long are we still save, for how long until darkness returns and consumes all.

The end

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