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This is a poem about the childhood happiness influenced by the naivity and romantic view of childhood episodes.

Submitted: December 28, 2016

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Submitted: December 28, 2016



In the early days—happy days

Surrounded by love and curiosity

Surrounded by the smell of soil and dust

We were happy, free and natural


We only felt the pain of occasional hunger

And only shade tears under the stroke of a cane

We always found time to play football

And while herding, the itch to sneak off would be great

We would go hunting for the hare, the squirrel, and the antelope

at times, we would make a kill and roast the birds

The meat would turn out half-cooked but tasty

Then we would remember the untamed herd

And run back to find them strewn

In the blossoming maize plantation

Watched by the cattle egrets

We felt closer to cattle and sheep

and would scold the notorious ones


Meal time was feasting time

We ate without caring about getting fat

We didn’t care about anything

We didn’t care about our grooming

We were shy before girls

We never knew we would need them later

We felt uncomfortable before adults

We would avoid parents where possible


Friends and matches were more important than money

We loved listening to mythical stories

We were amazed by Rambo, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris

We danced to Bob Marley, Madilu and Michael Jackson

Everything bordered on romance and sanctity

Moi was in charge and the country was subdued

Money was valuable but the country was poor

What you knew mattered just as much as whom you knew

A degree was a great academic achievement

And the world wasn’t such a small village


© Copyright 2019 Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh. All rights reserved.

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