So Close Yet So Far - how it started

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this is me trying to put into words an experience i had once. im looking for some constructive criticism as im wondering if i've captured what im trying to descript. the song doesnt go well with the story, but meh, i like it :D
hopefully you will enjoy what i've written.

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



i open my eyes.

i find myself laying sideways on my bed at home. it's dim and quiet. the door is closed and the lights are off. some of the mid-day light sneaks through the blinds that is beside us and illuminates her side of the bed. I find her at an arms length away staring at me in a calm and innocent manner. instinctively i stare back for a moment, straight into her unnaturally big round eyes. i look down and can see her figure clearly through the white lingerie she was wearing. It cuts off at her thighs, revealing her long slender legs. the sunlight reflects brightly off her, emitting this angelic radiance. she was so beautiful.

And so just as i realized what was happening....

....i awake. launching straight up, my eyes wide open now. as the tranquility fades, it is replaced with my surprise at what just happened. unknowing what this has started, i mistakenly try to recall what has just happened before i forget.

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