A New Journey with Blogging

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The adventures of blogging and how to have a better experience as you mature in your writing career.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



I enjoy blogging. I find it to be fun to create a story from ideas one may gather by living in this world, and really being

aware of every sense and smell around you.  Have you ever wondered why the dog wants to sneak up on the chair

after you leave to go into the kitchen for a cup of tea?I wonder why my dog does this every night. She is something else.

She jumps in bed too when it’s bed time. She makes sure to circle around a few times and flop right in the center.

Wouldn’t you know it is hardly any room for me to stretch out and find me a comfortable spot.

The idea to write about this same nightly routine happened as she awakened me at three in the morning

to go use the restroom. Yes, I let her out and waited. Thank goodness the temperature was unusually warm

for the early December’s of yesterday. This leads my thinking to wander to hey!

I could write something on climate change and here we are in early December and there are sunny blue

skies and the temperature in the 60’s and 70’s?Two years ago it was cold and we had snow.

Maybe Mother Nature is waiting to strike. I think she feels bad she unleashed her anger when Storm Sandy hit.

Here I go. I have done it again. I have two more subjects I could write about.

It would be great for the search engines. And I just may get published if I can just keep the thoughts flowing. 

As I turn on the television and look up to the clock on the wall. I can’t believe the day is just about gone.

In another two hours, the dog will jump in bed, circle a few times and flop! 

I think tonight while I am thanking God for all I have and for this day I lived. I ask that he would please send wisdom to those who need it.

I think about the folks who are working to get this country back on track and be helpful to those who deserve it.

I pray for blankets and heat for those who are cold. I pray that every child is comforted. One last thing before I say good night.

I pray that every soul will see tomorrow.

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