knowing what you eat

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Its about food nutritional facts

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



Know your food intake

By: Jose Torres

Alot of unhealthy Americans want to begin a healthy lifestyle. The only problem is they are so accustomed to thier daily food intake they dont know how to change. First thing you have to do is start eliminating certain foods from your reach. This means no cakes , beer , fast foods , greasy oily foods, fried foods, carbohydrates , soda, red meat . Things in those categories the best thing to stick to is fish , chicken, vegetables , fruits , water and 100 percent vitamin c drinks like orange juice and cranberry juice. Most people dont know what vitamins each food they eat have . You need to be aware of the nutritional facts of every food you eat with this knowledge you can achieve any health goal you set for yourself. For instance if you you start eating foods high in carbohydrates you will gain alot of weight why because carbs make you fatter. If you eat foods high in protein you will have alot of energy because protein=energy. Drinking soda opposed to drinking water will be very unhealthy for yourself. The reason for this is because soda is made out of carbohydrates sugar which damages your overall health.

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