Poems from Love

The terms are in place and the world is filled with grace and all who see clear today will find peace in the plan of love. For where does your fear stem from did I say I would unravel you until you were done no I said I would never leave you or forsake you and this is be. For as a puppy stands before you the owner or mother takes no claim and so you see she has been forsaken. Yet I take claim of my family and there is protection for all and when we falter we just repent and stand tall. For if you want something to come to you the process is to think and ponder what this may be for you and the attraction supersedes as the need is now placed in front of you. I will not leave you my promises are true and the world order operates according to a plan that has been shut down according to man for all the existence that is before you functions on this truth that sin is a corruption that has poisoned the land much more than destruction or a perilous land. So give one thing to someone that you need and you will receive this back indeed.

Submitted: September 28, 2015

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