Poems from Love

So does the wind blow by as those who need life close their eyes. For if life was only to be chosen for one it would not be such a tragedy for no one would be there to see when one dies. For the families of the earth all have eyes and the examples run swift through generations in life. So as air is to all living things to breath with the Spirit of God will change everything. As the periculous times have sounds of tremor so does the heart beat with vigor for all of life is dependent on one thing and the words of choice are faith in the living. For the memories of the righteous are among many for the dependent have been loyal in all they do and say yet the Word of God is swift with change. So bear up your loins with truth and stabilize your heart with love and give the gift that keeps on giving for the perils of love will taste sweet to the tongue. So where ever people turn they shall see one thing love love on every planet and nation. For demonic forces are aware of the time and they will bow down to my faith warriors in the ring. My strength I give to you now just believe and you will see how to accomplish all these things .

Submitted: September 07, 2015

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