Capture Of Life

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Poems from Love

The heart is the desire for where do we understand as the wisdom is released and you understand my plan you will feel great freedom as you live in this land. For as a flower opens her heart for all the world to see it draws one near as they bend down on their knee to smell the fragrance only one can have as they take the time to understand that all great things are small in the land. For if you try to overcome you will fall without the One who died to make a way for you so how silly it is for your works to carry you through. For in trust you will see what is true and in regards to life how simple it can be. So light a candle in response to the one who made a change and do not explain why you made a mistake only repent and turn to the path that is a place where light will be revealed as you trust Me.


Submitted: October 13, 2015

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