Poems from Love

The view from an strong neck is sure to delight those who never look back for all our days are to be told as the victory is stretched out from the arms of love. Be sure of this what I have told you that all of life is a precious commodity that I give to you for now to show all the world what is right. As you honor and do what I have said it will empower you where all is said that we will be just as life is determined to be for your choices are in line with victory. In opposition one is to defend what is right and never bow down to sin for if we honor this simple containment of love it will flourish and never be in lack. For wisdom is given in the streets and in the heart for life is where you can be right from the start so honor Me I speak this again for you are not a ball on the tether of a string. You aim is accurate as I set you in my arm and your words are loving from the start to the finish you are smart. This is not credit to your DNA it is a commodity from great grace. For you are chosen as Esther is and all who live in praise will know and understand what time this is for you my friend.

Submitted: September 19, 2015

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