Poems from Love

The cylindrical in life is a complete turn around as we know no strife for if you accept this bait it will turn you around until you may see straight. For in the realm of existence today there is a place we call safe. Do you feel like your spinning a lot and the freedom of life has been lost. One question is to ask one self am I rooted and grounded in love? To receive what I have been waiting for you to see is that all in life must see love and give love as your bank is filled again with grace to move forward in the race where all need to be in love with the Lord who sustains thee. To step aside and wait for life it will pass you by. You must be doing what I have told you for this is not an option for success to propel you. The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and he adds no sorrow with it. It is written for you and I want you to remember what a sword can do. To cut deep in the heart of truth is to open your eyes to what has been written for you.


Please remember what I have to say that time is a gift so may you use what I have given you and multiple the joy I am giving by blessing someone else today with a compliment spoken in truth and love knowing this brings glory to my name. For others will say they are so nice I would like to be that way and maybe people will enjoy as you always have something nice to say. For judgment does not look at others it only is a place of self alignment to watch what one does or says.

Submitted: May 07, 2016

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