Poems from Love

As a mother rocks her child so do I comfort you with the Word of God for when they grow up they will look in your eyes and with a sigh they will see how tall you are for you did not let wisdom fall. For a contemptuous plan is to have all fight to death for we can be used as a pitch that has never found a hook and as one steps down from the view of prominence in the land they will rarely rise again. For if a mother cradles a child it has comfort and is always close for the heart beats match as they did in the womb and memories are embraced when they leave home. For if you live in a sorrowful land you will feel weighted down as your tears fall soiling the path and making an unjoyful noise. It is  a prominent fact that opposites attract where a Mother and a son or a Dad and his daughter are close once again. For in the eyes of a child all is forgotten as we embrace the hopes and ultimate pleasures. So it is now for those who remain that the eyes of the Father are just the same. Let your yes be yes when you read the Word and do what it says and you will be redeemed. Yes you are protected in the land and all who live with Me will always look up to where I am.


Submitted: October 07, 2015

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