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Positive and negative energies

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



From the last few days I have been watching paranormal films on television and wondering if ghosts and spirits depicted in the stories exist.I have also been reading some really interesting stories on the internet.Though I am a non-believer of paranormal things, somehow this time, these bizzarre stories led me to think of my past, back to the time when my mother died in an accident and the happiness of my family lost somewhere in a black hole since then. I then started to ask myself the question whether were we under some curse or was something evil haunting our lives. I tried to get these answers from online psychic sites only to realise that online psychic sites are just a hoax with money mongers laying traps, playing on the emotions of the desperate.

Then one fine morning, as if in enlightenment, a thought that my mother often said struck me like a bolt. When we were children, I remember mom telling us - "There are energies all around us . Whatever we think or say, the energies say 'Amen'.So always think and say positive things" It was indeed an effective way to induce positive thinking in children.When I thought deeeper about it, I realised that it actually emphasises on the law of attraction.Think positive and you attract positive energies,think negative and you attract negative energies.

I do not know what energies caused my mother's death, But I somehow strongly feel that the meloncholy that has been plaguing my family and disturbing the peace of my family ever since my mother's death has something to do with the fact that we are not letting go of the negative energy called 'grief' .In some ways we had invited the grief to stay as long as it likes.Letting go of the grief was never easy. It seemed easier lamenting on the loss ,than enlivening the happy memories.But that fine morning of enlightenment,I decided to try to let go of the grief by believing that my mom is and shall always be with me deep in my heart and I can see her everytime I close my eyes. I redecorated my spare bedroom and finally hung my mom's picture that had been lying in a corner ,on one of the walls of the spare bedroom. Call it my imagination, but when I looked at my moms picture ,I felt an instant flow of positive energy in myself. I felt lighter. I also noticed another change. My little toddler who is generally extremely fussy and cranky suddenly seemed happier. I guess children understand the energies better than we do.

I pondered the entire night about it.I am not sure if I believe in spirits or ghosts, but I have begun to believe in energies. The more negative we think, the more we get sunk into miseries. Maybe that's why people who envy others often get sunk into depression.The more positive we think and patiently hope that happiness will soon knock on the door, the more happiness will be compelled to find us.

I am no longer in search of the answers of why things happened the way it did. I cannot change the past and have accepted it as it is.But somewhere deep in me is now rooted the belief that I can carve my future with the way I think.Destiny is what we make it to be, somewhere deep in the subconscious .

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