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Poems from Love

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



I feel so you can understand that the world is not following my plan and when this happens there is a great divide in the land. All shall be according to plan as the words spoken will make a choice as we are one in agreement with the scriptures spoken by great command. Gather one who lives today effecting many generations to come who will be adorned according to statutes given by my hand. If one is struggling according to personal conviction it is advised that you consider the cross for the red defines purity and  the wood represents unending love I have for thee as you see my outstretched arms to all in the land. Do not be the one who looks away or the friend that betrays so idol is the way who ignores what I have to say. A piece of wood has many layers given in time by its great kind where life is given for many others for protection and a source of warmth, Let my Word council you and do not live on your own truth for many limitations are surrounding you. If you burn wood today the consumption will warm your heart and soul where many gather to watch the embers


glow. I have given many things yet most of all I have made you a king where life and liberty are in Me as you trust and partake of living words spoken by the creator of all things.

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