Gangsta: Cool or Fool?

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A look into one of the world's longest running trends.

Submitted: July 24, 2009

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Submitted: July 24, 2009



A lot of guys and girls love to think they're gangster. Some actually are, but what makes this such a "cool" thing? How hard is it for those who lose loved ones to real gangs? Once you're in a gang, how difficult is it to get out? How many gang-related deaths occur each year? As always, I'm here with the cold hard facts.

I used to be one of those girls who wanted "a real gangster" and I found one-- he abused me, killed daily, and then, when he had finally cleaned up to have a family with me, I lost him to his crew. So when I walk down the halls of my barely-populated school and hear people say things like, "How gangster is this?" and "Dude, that's just gangster," I get very frustrated. I really don't think it's cool, but because of some of today's celebrities and because of a lot of video games, such as Saint's Row, people think being gangster is "cool." Don't get me wrong; I like Eminem and 50 Cent, too. But I know it's music, not an advertisement.

Having lost more than one family member to a gang, I know how hard that can be. ALL people killed have family. When someone is killed, someone misses them. When someone is killed, and the body is hidden, someone else is left to wonder where they are, left to stay up all night just wondering if they left or if they are being tortured or if they killed themself or if they were killed by someone else. Staying up all night, pacing, pregnant with a man's child, only to find out the kid will never meet his father, is not a good experience.

My aforementioned ex boyfriend was killed because he wanted out. He told everyone why. He told them he had a kid on the way and that he would always be loyal, but that he didn't want his kid and wife in danger. They didn't care. We moved away and only one person knew where-- his mother. They tortured and killed her and then, they came and killed him. This could happen to anyone who wants out. They don't always kill, I know this. Sometimes, they just beat them until they're almost dead. Then, they leave them there. If help doesn't come in time, oh well, they shouldn't have left the gang. Why is this "cool" to young teens?

As of December 1st, there were 617 gang related homicides in Los Angeles, which is the first time that rate was that high since 1996, when the end of the year's rate was 707. Oakland, California had 102 deaths as of December 1st. Little Rock, Missouri, had 42. And Chicago, had 580 gang-related deaths. Even now, as I'm writing this, I can hear on the news that there was another homicide just last night. I would really like to know, what is so "cool" about being gangster? Please someone tell me. I crave the answer.

For those of you who are in a gang, and want out, there is help. Never tell the gang you are getting out... EVER. A simple way is try to find a way to slowly drift out. Like start spending time doing things rather than spending time with your gang friends. Slowly but surely, spend less and less time with them. Try to stop dressing gangster. Tell your parents; they can help. Contact a local anti-gang group; they are always willing to help get someone out. You can also message me with any other questions. Don't be ashamed to look for help.

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