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Poems from Love


The power of the strike will set the fire for the intended who is in the way of the damage that the heart has no knowledge of. The power of the rain will set the air in motion waiting for the advantage to bring the flame to nothing. The way that all see is to look at the result and question Me and the way I reveal the truth is through the heart as one speaks in need. For the saturation of roots will protect the tree that sees the wind and the fire that rages beneath which may cause damage to those whose understanding is weak. If everyone else feeds you truth there is yet a discovery in the Word and if you never let the ways of God demonstrate the power within you will live as a morsel saved from sin. I paid the way for you to be and I wish that discovery is an interest that you pursue. Let Me lead you on this day and follow the agenda of what the Spirit of God has to say. Quiet I will be so settle down and listen to Me.

Submitted: January 07, 2016

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