Poems from Love

Did you see the flower petal so small in all diligent display for where the dry dirt seems to crack a beautiful flower will come to stand in the way. For all displays of haughtiness will be seen in the time to come and all the beautiful flowers will be seen like never before. So all shall come to where they need to be as they accept Jesus as Lord and King and when this unity is displayed all will want to have My saving grace. For let the light shine and break all perimeters of darkness trying to hide what has been accepted in days of past as we are to live peacefully at last. For my children who stand in the gap never waiver or you will be a door mat for the world want to crush you yet all who live in the my shelter knows what is true. So be as one and one shall be exactly as I  have planned for thee.


Submitted: June 22, 2015

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