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Poems from Love

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016



The perimeter is visible to the eye and the middle of a treasure is protected in the most inner of a being where all of life stems from and will not die. For if a seed falls to the ground a new life is given as the same for the parents are similar in the land and the Father created in the likeness of Him. For on this day some look to a chicken or an egg yet it is the Spirit that was a part of this truth for Jesus died and rose again as evidence of the authenticity of excellence. So if the truth is to live above turmoil and pain this is where new life will come and when we fall and get up again this is where the blood gave all a new beginning from sin. For under the curse man was and is now free at last we celebrate truth ; for a chicken egg filled with candy is a surprise showing something on the inside as a symbol of what matters as the heart is where all things start for the mind agrees with truth. For truth is not a generational phrase or a deputation of circumstantial phrase. Truth is where Calvary came alive and for those who accept this change life is now good again. To receive such a path for you is to always look and say I believe and now I receive for it is written in John 3:16 perfection has been given to you and redemption came and saved you. Do not deny what is a perfect price and do not pay for what has been bought as you partake of a feast in celebration today understand I gave everything away so I could have you close as we see eye to eye. Some see horizon and some see pain yet I see a heart filled with redemption and now we are friends. So smile my love for  you I did all things so look around be blessed as new life has begun again. Yes when you hold the child in your arms so does the babe touch your heart so it is with the Word reaching out to embrace that what was lost.


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