Return For Love

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Poems from Love

The past is a counsel of turns where all of life is to be dispersed where we are all together again for the Spirit has no limits. For the heart will hold memories like a bank where in love all will reciprocate and when the exchange is accepted by all it is time for the return and none shall fall. To fall is to be separated for a time as the face looks away and has no direction of truth and when we live according to terms the fall of  man tries to rule again. For many have seen what it is to be true and today there is a fall sense of reality as the world lives for the moment in front of their eyes instead of living with Jesus by their side. For my Son was captivated with love as he came and died for you so you could have everything that I own to be true. For as the creator speaks again he shows some many things and when we honor truth as our source we will be an honored emblem in the crown that surpasses and will never let down. So do not fake or pretend you know accept instruction as never told for the Spirit of communication is available to you for you have asked and it is so for  you. So be to them as I have been to you where in life you will find that all in love have a very good time.

Submitted: September 21, 2015

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