Ridicule in Motion

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Poems from Love

Submitted: September 20, 2015

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Submitted: September 20, 2015





The heart of the strong will last long in the land and the eyes of abundant peace will have much love. So why do you fear for what is it that will stop the force of love that sustains you all the days of the year. No matter your tradition or linear lineage of ago what is the truth that you hold so dear for I have been your friend and will be to the end and when all forces of light have been removed your source will burn brightly in you. The fire of purification will bring the desired result and the past of not knowing will be shown as the trials are over from long ago. To fight a war that is over is to say I have no understanding of what we need for I must do what I think is right giving no heed to what is correct in me. I shall see you successful and will always lead and guide you and the life you wish to live is now planted on the inside of you. For if the waters rise and you do not trust the sea bubbles will be in front of your eyes. If you trust Me I will show you truth as you rise with the tide giving you perspective which you have not viewed. So be not concerned about material things or a natural cause that seems immense for the power that is in trust will conquer anything. For what you have is already accomplished and what you want is now before you for all of life and therein is the module that has perfect justice  in the blood of the lamb.

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