Ritual of Truth

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Poems from Love

The times we see have been heard before and the water of the deep have come forth. For  the very best you have is in Me and the ways of the odd will make sense again for in the eyes of those you meet will be compassion as you walk down the street. As the waves of compassion come on you love will exude as you live a life that is not blue. Moving on you look ahead and the waters of love have been laced with sin and as you approach the temperate streams ahead one will offer love as the sea parts again. For in this way we are redeemed today for  I am looking for a place of great faith and there I will put my hand where all in the land will be satisfied again. For a walking Bible is what they see as they have never experienced such as these. For open for you is the Word today as this is all that is before your face. For as a new love is all they say consumed in love all else fades away.

Submitted: September 25, 2015

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