The Power to be LIke Christ

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The power to be Christ like is found in becoming one with Him. Before we can ever look like Christ on the outside, He must come to live on the inside.

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



The power to be Christ like is found in becoming one with Him. Before we can ever look like Christ on the outside, He must come to live on the inside. Religion tries to make you holy, without the Holy Spirit. It is God’s presence that dwells in our hearts, through faith, that gives us the ability to be Holy. All Christ likeness, flows from his activity in our hearts. God’s plan was never for man to struggle to live for God, but to have man yield to life that is already within. We don’t need to struggle to act like Christ, but we need to experience His life manifested in, and through us. Christ is the source of all personal transformation that happens in a believer’s life.

Andrew Murray wrote, God never expects us to do something that he hasn't first done to us.” We are only to do what he has done for us. People, who cannot love, reveal that they are not experiencing the love of God. People, who cannot forgive, reveal that they are not experiencing the mercy and forgiveness of God. We are only able to do for others, what we are experiencing ourselves. Only when we are rooted and grounded in the love that God has for us, will we find the ability to love as we ought. Trying to love as we ought without first being loved is the core value of religion.

Grace teaches us, that He loves us and gave Himself for us. Religion teaches us, that we can muster up the power to go and sin no more through self control and discipline. The only way to overcome sin is to no longer want to sin and to want something more then we want sin. The only way this can take place, is by receiving a new nature that longs for righteousness. Here’s a fact of life; everybody does pretty much what they want to do. So, mans only hope is for God to change what man wants to do. It is pretty clear that mankind was created for pleasure, all men live for pleasure. So, our only hope is to receive a new heart, which finds pleasure in righteousness.

In the Bible, there’s a story about Jesus being anointed by a, “sinful women” in the home of a Pharisee. This woman found great pleasure in worshiping Jesus. Luke writes about her love saying, “she knelt behind him at his feet, weeping. Her tears fell on his feet, and she wiped them off with her hair. Then she kept kissing his feet and putting perfume on them.” The question that comes to my mind is what would produce such radical love and passion? She knew that she was not welcomed inside this religious mans home. Yet, she didn't let the "self-righteous," hold her back. Jesus gives us the secret to such passion saying, “I tell you, her sins, and they are many; have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love.”

The key word is, “have been” forgiven. Her passion did not come from seeking to be forgiven, but from having been forgiven already. Most likely, she was one of the women Luke mentions in chapter eight, whom Jesus healed of various diseases. Since she was known as an immoral woman, we can only guess what kind of history she had. Jesus, in fact said that, “her sins were many.” This women was healed and delivered, probably, just prior to Jesus’ arrival there. Her passionate display of affection is in response to something that Jesus had already done for her. Herein, we find the secret to Christian passion; we love Him, because, He first loved us and gave Himself. Such passion cannot be produced by religiosity, because, under the religion system we are trying to be loved.

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