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Poems from Love

Submitted: March 29, 2016

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Submitted: March 29, 2016



The strong and the brilliant of mind have been alive in the heart and in time. The connection between two represents agreement like a song in the breeze like a melody it carries the heart and the atmosphere is an agreeable peace. The past trail smells sweet and the future is full of light. The moment of love is when there is agreement with the Word where all involved will see what is right. For if one will stand for what is accurate then many if defiance will take flight. For an example on a chalk board is written in black and white and when the mind understands the equation then there is light. Depth is a perception based on a simple truth where layers of wisdom can be placed if the foundation is pure and strong leaving no way to wind or breeze to change the view for many have eyes to see and ears to hear yet few know what is important at this time of year. For in this time praise is eminent and in this life we are to be free of strife. If your heart feels heavy today consider the view where you are placed. One adjustment will free up much stress for the eyes will take in what they see next. As a garden requires five elements to survive so does the heart cry for the mind to get in line. Be honest and true and stand for what is right and may your fragrance leave a sweet reminder in their heart as a testimony for what is suitable in this frame of mind.

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