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The post is in the middle of the city gates and all around listen to the melody for when does the music stop and start for we are in the city where abundance flows and the poor listen to a plotted foe. For the candle is on the harp as the music flows so does the heart as praise comes forth from the depths of the soul as a praise of celebration in the dark. Give unto all who need to see as My Spirit hovers thee. For if you can see you will not look away from the poor today where mercy comes and goes in a flurry of love. Be not acquainted with many things only look to your source of everything and in need you will be supplied for the Father sent the Son who died. In this celebration we calm life as the power of love is abundantly supplied. For as you look at the wick of life you will see a flame that can start a fire yet it does not go out it is never put away for the heart is filled with desire as this is the place of forgiveness and power. It is held high above all other minds to cast forth what has been told to believing eyes. So many others mock and want to kill you yet they cannot for it is those who hurt that will come to you. So give what you need to another today and find a path that is made straight for as the earth is nourished today so is the heart of the just who live by faith.
To those who need a flame burning with love repent and give your heart to Me for I can see your face.

Submitted: October 01, 2015

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