A Tree Remains

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Poems from Love

Submitted: December 08, 2012

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Submitted: December 08, 2012



A solid trunk a great design a place of love is on my mind a special place where we are today resembles quaint for you today. As leaves blow as wind remains a special peace is here today for those who know Proverbs 29 and come forth by design. Can you express pain and peace for one should be equally strong giving love to all mankind who venture forth despite the frowns. I came to say here I am what is your request a venue to say come one come all to Me today for I am all you need questioning not the prince of peace. I venture into the heart of change rendering all actions still today a loving peace in a special way. The sky is blue my love is true so enjoy  my gift to you total forgiveness a place to dream just go and give your love for Me as I watch you stand tall as a tree. You are strong no matter what others do for your roots wrap around the truth. Giving C02 in exchange for love a breath of fresh air is what they say you are blessed in a special way honoring Me for I know what it takes to remain free. Some come and sit in the shade showing care for what needs to be always a gesture in a storm a covering for those who come. Give to one and one to all just remember the way to fall as is pride a gesture today that leads to pain. Come my special strength I see as many others see a tree I see love beyond compare for in you I am there. I need all to bless each other as you are an example like no other. Blessing one and all today a spiritual great is in you now for I need to know you love above what the reflection of time has given. I come to bless you and your kin always giving a place today for the love of flowers to grow in your shade. How can I express success it is a gesture from peace and love always giving with no request. For peace in you is like a shield covering all who see they need the God above given to all for we are exceedingly filled with love. Some shall render love in pain as they proclaim the Lord in love always having kindness no matter what they do to try to chop at your roots. Just stand tall in this place giving peace and love today for I am the strength of man who chariots away in my plan. Seek truth love and joy knowing God is not a toy just the best you have ever seen a sign of strength in majesty. Listen close I speak to you giving grace in all you do read the Word the Bible today and see I am still the same. A cradle of blessings beyond compare for my Son came to meet you there.

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