Life get complicated -Part 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
About the gang.Tea is in love with Michelle her bestfriend,who's in a Relationship with Tony!she lve him...but wht happn whn Michelle fnd out about what Tea dd with Tony behind her back?

Submitted: May 28, 2011

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Submitted: May 28, 2011



Chapter 4

"Man, I can't believe she got so lucky." a guy said to another one. Michelle was walking to her table at the cafeteria when she overheard the conversation.

"Yea, man, I mean, she left the club with TWO girls! TWO!" The other boy replied and they both laughed. Michelle wondered who they were talking about. She sat at the table beside Abbud and Daisy.

"Who are they talking about?" She asked while taking out her lunch from her bag. Daisy opened her mouth to say something but Abbud cut her off.

"Tea..she-" he started to say and yelped when he received a kick in the leg. Michelle stopped what she was doing and swallowed hard.

"I…, I guess she got very…lucky," she said, playing along with a fake smile. Abbud frowned at the tone of her voice.

"Is everything okay? And don't tell me yes because I know the answer," he said and fixed his gaze on Michelle who sighed in return. She then started to explain everything to Abbud who was in shock.

"And if you tell Tony I will cut your balls off," she warned with a serious tone. Abbud gulped and nodded his head.

"Speak of the devil," he said and nodded his head toward the door of the cafeteria. They all followed his gaze. Michelle was looking at her and their eyes met for a second before Tea looked away. The blonde could tell that Tea had fun last night because her eyes were puffy and red. She watched Tea sitting at a table, alone.

"She still doesn't want to talk to you?" Daisy asked sympathetically. Michelle shook her head.

"No, and I don't care if she doesn't want to, but I'm going to make her talk," she said a little too harshly.

"Look, maybe you should give her some time. She's having a hard time right now," Abbud said. Daisy nodded to say that Abbud was right.

"No, I won't. If she cares about me so much, she's gonna stop being a bitch to me," she yelled softly. Before she had the time to continue, someone cut her off with a kiss on the lips. She then pull away and realized that Tea saw the interaction. Tea stood up and walked out of the cafeteria with sadness in her eyes.

"Hey, babe!" He said and sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her neck. Michelle shifted under his arm.

"Tony, hey!" Michelle said and forced a smile. He smiled and kissed her again before he pulled away from her lips.

"So, guys, got any plans for tonight?" Tony asked with a big smile on his face. Michelle rolled her eyes.

"No, nothing for tonight, and Michelle and I won't be available tonight," Daisy said fixing Michelle in the eyes, who gave her a confused look.

"Erm, yeah I forgot about that! Sorry Tone, but I can't tonight," she said and kissed him on the cheek when he pouted.

"Argh! Fine!" Tony said. Then something popped into Michelle's head.

"Tony, what did you say to Tea last week?" She asked with a stern look. Tony laughed softly.

"The same thing that she already knew, that she's a bitch!" He said and laughed again, but stopped when Michelle hit him on the arm.

"I'm fucking serious here. She was fucking devastated and angry at me because of you," she informed. He scoffed.

"Because of me? Nah! She's the one who fucked everything up! She shouldn't have come to me and ask me for a fuck because she was too depressed!" He yelled. Everyone around the table stopped what they were doing; Daisy was in shock, Abbud's eyes widened and Michelle was on the verge of tears and didn't want to believe what she just heard.

"You're lying!" She said harshly but softly. Tony sighed because he knew that he just was making things worse.

"No, I'm not, not this can even ask Stanley, he was there he heard everything!" He said truthfully. Michelle clenched her fists and was fuming. Tea lied to her. She stood up and yanked the chair on the floor and started to walk away.

"Michelle, wait!" Daisy, Abbud and Tony yelled at the same time, and ran after her.

Tea was smoking a spliff against the wall outside of the school when she saw a very angry blonde walking toward her. She rolled her eyes and threw the spliff on the floor. Before she had the time to open her mouth, she felt a hard slap on her cheek. Tea's mouth dropped before she looked at Michelle who had tears in her eyes.

"What the fuck, Michelle!" Tea screamed. Michelle got closer to her face.

"You lied to me! You told me that Tony led you on, but it was you that went after him all along!" She screamed back, tears rolling down her face.

"Michelle stop it! We can talk about this later!" Chris said, trying to calm her down but she yanked her arm away from him. Tea clenched her teeth.

"This is fucking crazy, you know that!" Tea yelled, avoiding Michelle's eyes.

"Tell me, was it crazy when you asked MY boyfriend to FUCK you that night?" Michelle yelled back and fixed Tea a deadly glare in the eyes when she saw Tea opening and closing her mouth. She got closer to her face. Now she knew that she was busted, she couldn't do anything about it now. All of her friends were looking at her, but mostly Chris. She lied to him too, and he was like a brother to her. Chris just shook his head and walked away.

"Michelle, please! I can't fight about this anymore! It hurts too much and I need you!" Tea said softly and started to cry. Michelle laughed bitterly.

"You should have thought about that sooner because right now our friendship is OVER!" Michelle raised her voice. Tea shook her head in panic and tried to touch the blonde arms but she felt a cold hand on her arm that pushed her hand away. It was Tony, he gave her a death stare.

"No...No, you don't mean this Michelle!" Tea said sobbing.

"Yes, I meant every word! And you better stay away from me and my friends or I'll make your life miserable!" Michelle said with venom. She glared one last time at Tea before she walked away follow by Tony and Abbud. Tea watched them walk away before she turned to Daisy.

"Daisy, I-"Tea started to say but she cut her off with her hand.

"Tea don't! I'm done with your lies! What you did was too much! You lied to everyone and you made her believe that it was Tony who forced you," Daisy said angrily before she walked away. Tea slid her body against the wall and started to cry harder; she just lost her friends and the one that she loves.

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