Fruit of the Garden

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An allegorical interpretation of sex. Does that even make sense? Adam and Eve, yada yada (that should be pretty obvious), bastardized or just humanized. Perhaps a little pessimistic. I was really fed up at the time of writing.

Submitted: April 26, 2008

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Submitted: April 26, 2008



From the breed of Adam
borne not of womb, but bone,
singular. She wanders.
A hopeful romantic.

With eager aspiration
it is his conquest is to get inside,
to fill her,
as she once filled him.

A post-lapsarian princess,
she tempts the desperate fellow
with promises of knowledge
indulging her appetite delightfully.

With eager admiration
he is seduced by her furtive air,
salivating with desire
he hungers for a taste.

Aplomb with power
she is poised for the prowl.
Dancing provocatively
mesmerizing subtle sways.

Spellbound and parched
he trips despondently.
Coercing the seductress out
with his helpless demeanor.

Arduously, she undresses
shamefully naked
between her legs
the blossoming fruit swells.

Clumsily, fumbling for a taste
bringing to his lips
a drink from the chalice,
sweet nectar.

Plump and ripe
with flavour, she trembles.
Unfastened by his touch
she lets him in.

Proud and erect
he prepares to penetrate
the fragile flesh that throbs
with enthused zeal.

She relinquishes with his strokes
submitting to his fervor
her delicate flower
she surrenders, the eye of the daisy closed.

With robust vigor
he gorges himself on her acquiescence
relishing in her quivers
that quench his thirst.

Wide open and exposed
the ravages of carnage
leave her wilted
in the arms of her subjugator.

Indolently he eases himself off
his chest rising and falling
as the ebb of the tide
reveals the stripped shore.

In a languid stupor
she caresses his torso
tracing delicate lines, she kisses him
as he shudders and slips away.

Conceit wrenches him out of her grasp
with a hard head and a limp dick
he sloughs away
uncertain of the wreckage he has aroused.

Mystified she withdraws herself
from his eclipse
gathering composure
to regain her strength exhausted.

He boasts of his endowment
triumphant over her capture
he sought only
to annex his forlorn rib.

Severed by conception
her womb throbs in utero
the seed cultivated
fills the hollow void.

Back into the garden
he retreats, veiling the shame
of his indulgence exacerbated
by his sown intent.

She births alone
reaping the disseminated efforts
of her labours
paid in due maternity.

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