My Orange

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Same broken heart as before. Different tune.

Submitted: April 26, 2008

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Submitted: April 26, 2008



My love is an orange.
Protected by a tough exterior,
my orange relies on it's rind
to retain it's pulpy flesh.
But you will never know the love inside
without tearing the skin,
and extracted from it
the thinly veiled, fragile sections.

You can eat each slice at your leisure.
The convenient orange.
Though once the peel is punctured
my orange will begin to lose resilience.
The first slice is always the most refreshing.
As each pulpy morsel bursts on your tongue,
in orgiastic symphony,
juices drip down your chin -
to your satisfaction
I will lick them off.
I want to please you
with my flavorful offering
of love.

I cannot make you
eat my orange.
You must hunger for it,
and, my love
will appease your appetite.
Should one slice
calm your craving,
I fear you may
toss my orange aside
for thirst for another.

Like a ripe apple
Shining with allure,
it's seductive red peel
beckons to lovers,
"I am so easy to eat."
You can enjoy the sweet tartness
in its entirety
without even getting your hands dirty.
The apple is not sectioned.
It is not plump with juices
- it's flesh is unforgiving.
You cannot eat part now
and part later.
Like my orange,

Eat me as you please.
Just remember, the last morsel
may not be as sweet as the first.
If you peel my orange
and expose its insides
my orange will dry out, gradually,
the thin veils that protect the flesh
will be the first to harden.
To get at the succulent juices
you will have to crack the section,
hard from the passage of time.

Only you can decide to eat my orange.
My only request,
should you choose to indulge,
is that you will not hunger for the love of another
and leave my severed sections to waste.

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