The Hungry Ocean

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On my first encounter with the Caribbean.

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



The subtle lulling of the ocean draws you in
with each breath, something divine
in the volatility of the tidal moan.
Unpredictable. Rigidly consistent.
The ebb of the tide sighs enormously, the weight
of each heave renders you submissive to its desperate grasp.
In solitude you indulge in its alluring embrace.
Welcoming your surrender
the gaping mouth of the ocean
licks your wounds and kisses your sores.
Intent on alleviating your ailments
the empathetic beast yearns for your aches
and relishes in your sorrows.
Currents prey on your subconscious
wrenching you into the abyss underneath.
The murmuring tide whispers
sweet compassionate catchphrases
while it seduces you with its promises
Sanguinely you are primed for exposure
forfeiting your sandals.
The mouth of the ocean is agape -
your vulnerability revealed, preparing the hungry sea
to broaden its jowls, and swallow you whole.

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