Love is, Love can, Love will

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love is the most powerful thing in the world and the most beatiful

Love is like a slow song that captures the
heart like amazing written psalms

Love is like a beautiful rainbow
a beautiful paint stroke
a wonderful played harp that makes your heart throb

Love is like: a box gift holding, glass heart holding,
hope you care enough to be holding
if you drop it I’ll be hurting

Love is like a cold heartwarming pick axe
that cuts through the ice
that melts the ice cap

Love can be that heart changing
selfless act that impacts one heart that impacts one person
that changes the whole world
Love can be a small little river line
that supplies a waterfall that fall through mountain hills that reaches 
the massive ocean that waters a weak plant that grows into a tree
that covers you and me

Love can be that strengthening helping hand
that knows how to make you happy and glad
that calms you when you’re mad
that embraces you when your sad

Love can be that propelling driving force
that propels that heart to reach for those dreams that’s hard to reach

Love will undure to the end
Love will help you stand
Love will make a change

Loves not hard to reach always within reach

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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